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Lindsey Graham: Trump’s Wall Won’t Be A Wall, It Will Be Blimps Or Something

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is suggesting that President Donald Trump’s wall won’t be an actual wall; it could be along the lines of … blimps.

According to tweets compiled by Twitchy, Graham seems to think that the wall will never happen, as he was quoted as saying, “Border walls and fences are part of an overall plan but there will never be a 2,200-mile wall built. Period.” He also referred to the wall as a “metaphor for border security.”

This sounds similar to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) saying back in November that Trump’s wall would be “virtual” with equipment like “UAV aircraft” instead. It’s also worth noting that it’s not necessary to build a wall for 2,200 miles; only around 700 miles of the border need the wall.

So what would Trump’s metaphorical wall look like? Twitchy highlighted this tweet suggesting that it would consist of blimps:

It’s safe to say that while such measures could be helpful for border security – blimps have been used on the border to screen for rogue drones – this is not the same thing as a wall. There does need to be some form of physical barrier for at least 700 miles on the southern border to stem the flow of illegal immigration and protect the citizenry from terrorists attempting to enter the country through a wide open border.

Graham has never been serious about securing the border, as he has spent his career being an amnesty flack, which is why Rush Limbaugh has called him “Grahamnesty.” Graham has become desperate enough for “comprehensive immigration reform” that he’s willing to name the wall “the Trump wall.”

But unless “the Trump wall” is an actual wall, it will not suffice as fulfilling one of Trump’s major campaign promises. As of now, it seems like Trump is willing to fight for his wall, but if he backs down it will be to the detriment of his re-election chances.

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