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Lindsay Lohan Tweeted About Brexit And It Was Hilarious

By  Aaron Bandler

Actress Lindsay Lohan came out of irrelevancy for a brief moment as she unleashed a barrage of bizarre tweets about Brexit.

Here are some of those tweets in which she expressed support for the Remain vote:

Lohan also wrote that she supported the Remain vote to “HELP refugee children to have a brighter future” and because “workplace fatalities in the U.K. have reduced by half since European safety directives were introduced in 1996.” She also tapped into her extensive economic background to predict that it would be 15 years before the pound bounced back.

The actress also had harsh words for Boris Johnson, one of the leaders of the Leave campaign, as she tweeted at him: “@BorisJohnson using your child’s graduation for CAMPAIGN? sounds like someone in USA who used a child out of wedlock for PR…. #Remain.”

She also tweeted for clarification, “unlike OBAMA’s recent setback @BBCWorld i have not been hacked.” She was being serious.

There was more:

As results came in, Lohan showed support with the Shetlands, who voted to Remain, for their “pure hearted people,” but demanded to know “what’s wrong with you Manchester” when they voted against.

“Why is this woman speaking on people rather than TELLING us what happens if U.K. LEAVES?” she wrote in one message, questioning a BBC News anchor.

“One thing for sure the #referendum results are very close, but also showing a difference of opinion across #Britain,” she said when it became clear that a significant majority would not dominate the vote.

Her last tweet on the subject was a simple “#Remain” with a praying-hands emoji. It linked to an Instagram selfie of the star, which has also been deleted.

Lohan’s tweets were met with widespread mocking and derision:

All of Lohan’s Brexit tweets have since been deleted.

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