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Group Connected To Linda Sarsour Pledged $100,000 To This Jewish Cemetery In March. The Cemetery Hasn’t Received Any Of It Yet.

An organization connected to Linda Sarsour pledged to give at least $100,000 to a Jewish cemetery in Colorado back in March. It’s now July and the cemetery still hasn’t received a single penny of it.

According to The Algemeiner, Sarsour had partnered with Tarek El-Messidi, founder of the Celebrate Mercy nonprofit, to launch a crowdfunding effort aimed at raising money from Muslims to fix Jewish cemeteries. A total of $162,468 was raised; $50,000 went toward Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL and Rochester, NY.

Those three cemeteries received the money from the crowdfunding effort, but somehow the Golden Hill Cemetery in Lakewood, CO has yet to receive any of the remainder of $100,000 or more from the crowdfunding effort that they were promised on March 24.

El-Messidi was given a tour of the cemetery, which was the last time they had been in contact with him.

Neil Price, who has been the chief caretaker of the Golden Hill Cemetery for a year, told Algemeiner that he had left three voicemails for El-Messidi, to no avail. He doesn’t think the cemetery will ever see the money.

“You need budgets and time tables, and none of that is here,” Price said.

A plan to restore the cemetery was already in place, which included “bids on landscaping, a fence and other security” that was premised on receiving the money from Celebrate Mercy.

The Algemeiner report pointed out that in May, Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind asked in a Facebook post how much of the money Sarsour raised for the Jewish cemeteries actually went to those cemeteries. If Algemeiner‘s report is correct, then where did the rest of that $100,000 go?

Sarsour, of course, has a radical background of searing anti-Zionism and palling around with terrorists; she made headlines with her recent call for “jihad” against President Trump. This latest report will do little to ease concerns about her radicalism, especially since the Left has embraced her with open arms.

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