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Limbaugh: We’re Watching The Democrat Party Commit Suicide

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh was in a particularly buoyant mood on Friday because, as he put it, “essentially what we’re watching is the Democrat Party commit suicide.”

“It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch, kind of exciting to watch, and the excitement tempered with some anticipation,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Friday. “But essentially what we’re watching is the Democrat Party commit suicide. Now, I know it may not look like that to you because you might think the Democrat Party’s winning and dominating things, but I’m telling you, folks, they are committing suicide. And I’ll tell you who has made this happen, aside from me, and that would be D.J.T., Donald J. Trump.”

While he assured his listeners that he would eventually get to their calls on “Open Line Friday,” Limbaugh first laid out some recent developments backing his assertion that we’re watching “the Democrat Party suicide” in real time. Among the key factors driving the Democrats to self-destruction is the consistently good economic news, Donald Trump in general, and their sharp left turn into crazy radicalism.

“Donald Trump is driving Democrats crazy,” said Rush. “Now, that is not new or revolutionary. But we’ve talked in recent days about how the Democrats are no longer masking and hiding who they are. They’re just out front with it. I think one of the reasons for this is Trump. Trump, in the political spectrum of things here, Trump owns the Right, obviously, but I think he also has made great inroads in carving out a dominant position in the center.”

Enter former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, a moderate liberal who’s “gonna make a beeline for the center,” but clearly has been taken aback by the response from the party he’s so long supported. The reason: “he has no idea how radically insane liberal it is. And now he’s finding out. And he’s gobsmacked by it.”

While the Left mobs Schultz, “CNN can barely contain itself that Cory Booker has announced his intention to enter this fray,” despite his “resume of failure.” The reason they hate the hugely successful Schultz so much but love “failure” Booker: the Democrats’ old class warfare and new intersectionality obsession, both of which are ultimately self-defeating. Throw in the Democrats’ stunning embrace of extreme abortion bills and you’ve got a recipe for party implosion.

“And you couple this with what the Democrat Party is making known about their position on abortion and because Trump has co-opted a large swath of the American political center, he’s driving every Democrat who wants to unseat him so far to the left, I don’t care how far to the left you might think our general population is, they are nowhere near where the mainstream of the Democrat Party is. And you will see,” said Limbaugh.

The abortion extremism is so egregious, suggested Rush, that the media is doing everything they can not to cover it, while Democrats pretend like they know nothing about it.

“The media is in no way being honest about what the Democrat agenda is,” he said. “Do you know that the media’s not even covering this [Democratic Virginia Gov.] Ralph Northam business? And a bunch of people went out and asked other ranking Democrats what they think of Ralph Northam’s position on after-birth abortion in Virginia, and they’re all claiming they didn’t know. ‘What?’ they’re saying. ‘I didn’t know about this.’ Half of them are lying. The other half are telling the truth ’cause the media isn’t reporting this.”

The point is, Limbaugh stressed, the Democrats’ open embrace of radical ideas, like class warfare and “till birth” abortion, is “a golden opportunity for Donald Trump to simply explain the options we have going forward as a country.”

“[A]ll the president would have to do is explain his sadness, not anger, sadness and dismay over what he is hearing from Democrat governors and legislators in New York about aborting children during birth or after,” said Rush. “And he could just say, ‘Is this who we are? Is this what you want in your future? Is this what you think the United States of America is?’ And then go down some of the other wild-ass proposals these people are making on other things and present the contrast.”

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