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Limbaugh: Republicans Have One Option On Kavanaugh If They Want To Survive

By  James Barrett

On his radio show Monday, Rush Limbaugh issued a direct message to Republicans in the Senate: Either confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, or get annihilated in the midterms.

Limbaugh led into his statement to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and his fellow Republican senators with a “golden showers” joke, but quickly grew more serious in his tone.

“So Chairman Grassley has a job to do here, because, if he gives Democrats enough time, they’ll produce a woman claiming to be Kavanaugh’s secret Russian wife who Trump paid to urinate on that bed in Moscow,” said Limbaugh. “If Grassley waits long enough, the Democrats will come up with the woman claiming to be Kavanaugh’s secret Russian wife — he’s a bigamist, too, don’t you know — and Trump paid Kavanaugh’s second wife to hire a bunch of prostitutes to urinate on the bed Obama slept in while in Moscow.”

Rush then got to his real point: “If the Republicans do not get this vote taken and have Kavanaugh confirmed, you can kiss the midterms goodbye. You can kiss goodbye holding the House and you can kiss goodbye holding the Senate. Because whatever the Democrats think of their base, the one thing I know that if you guys fold on this and cave and keep bending over backwards.”

Limbaugh stressed that Republicans have done enough bending over backwards to demonstrate that they “don’t hate women” and are “open-minded.” Now they must do what their base is calling for them to do: pass the utterly qualified candidate.

As for delaying the vote even longer, Limbaugh suggested that will only make him the target of more unsubstantiated allegations, with porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti waiting in the wings to drop some new claim. Besides, Christine Blasey Ford is “never gonna show up,” Rush predicted.

“She’s not telling a story that can be verified, Senator Grassley,” he said. “She’s not gonna show up. If you guys don’t conduct this vote in defiance of all this and if Avenatti gets one foot in the door to a Senate committee to start telling his story, then you can kind of kiss good-bye Republican chances in the midterms in November. Because people are gonna logically say, ‘What good does it do?'”

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