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Limbaugh: Media Just Proved Me Right About NYT’s Trump Agenda
US President Donald Trump alongside radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh arrive at a Make America Great Again rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on November 5, 2018.
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On his talk radio program Friday, Rush Limbaugh took a few minutes to highlight a development in the media he predicted a few days ealier: other media outlets would follow The New York Times’ newly revealed agenda for the next two years of Donald Trump’s presidency — focusing on racism in America.

Last week, Slate published the transcript of an internal “crisis town hall meeting” among the Times staff in which the paper’s lead editor, Dean Baquet, proudly admitted to the staff that “we built our newsroom to cover one story,” Trump’s alleged “collusion” with Russia. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year investigation having blown that narrative to pieces, Baquet laid out a new “vision” for the paper. “Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story,” he said. That story? How Trump has “divided” the country by supposedly promoting racial division.

Part of the way the Times is going to encourage focus on the issue of race is through its new 1619 Project, which seeks to tell the story of America through the lens of racism. Now, Limbaugh pointed out Friday, other media outlets are following the Times’ lead, just as he predicted.

“When this week began, we all learned that the New York Times had decided to implement Project 1619,” he said (transcript via “Now, this is a journalism organization. Here they are announcing an agenda, and the agenda is to recast the American founding at not 1776, but 1619 because that’s the date, the year the first slaves arrived in North America.”

By doing this, Limbaugh maintained, the Times can effectively rewrite history and make the case that “everything that’s happened since then has happened on the backs of slaves. Whatever America is, whatever America has accomplished, whatever America has achieved, has been illegitimate, has been tainted, is unjust, is immoral, because it’s built on the backs of slaves.”

“I warned everybody that what happened next was something to keep a sharp eye for,” Rush commented. “Since the New York Times is who sets the newsroom agenda for the rest of the Drive-By Media, I said the rest of the Drive-Bys are gonna be forced to pick up this agenda. And they’re gonna be forced into building on it and treating it as a legitimate news story when there’s no news about this at all. This is a madcap leftist assertion attempt to rewrite history.”

Rush then provided a few examples of the mainstream media lining up behind the Times to help them promote their politically motivated agenda.

“True to form, the Washington Post, within two days, had a lead headline, four-color artwork proclaiming America was founded on the backs of slaves, 1619,” said Limbaugh. Then there was USA Today’s headline: “Her Family Came 400 Years Ago, She Says – In Chains,” with the subheader, “This untold story of 1619 defines America,” he noted.

“Is this not incredible? Even though I predicted it, I’m still stunned,” said Rush. “There was a part of me that said, no, they can’t, but then there was another part of me that said they can’t not do this. The New York Times sets the news agenda for everybody else in media in this country, and they’ve gotta do it.”

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