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Limbaugh: Here’s Why Mueller Probe Far Surpasses Smollett Case As ‘Travesty Of Justice’

On his talk radio show Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh drew a connection between the two biggest stories of the week: the Cook County state’s attorney suddenly dropping all 16 felony charges against former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett for allegedly staging a hoax hate crime against himself and the final report by Robert Mueller that put a nail in the coffin of the Democrats’ and the Drive-By Media’s two-year “collusion” narrative. Both, he said, are a “travesty of justice” with political angles, but the latter is by far the most egregious.

“Now, folks, have you noticed all of the outrage over the dismissal of charges against Jussie Smollett?” said Rush. “I mean, people are really, truly outraged over this — and I don’t blame ’em. This is a travesty of justice. It has not been explained. It’s been sealed, so nobody’s gonna ever really know what happened here. There’s no question that the Chicago PD is confident that they have the goods on the guy. They say they have even more evidence than they have revealed, and they were waiting to use it at trial.”

Limbaugh then noted that there’s a potential political angle to the story that traces back to the Obamas. “There are now stories about maybe the Obamas got involved,” he explained. “Tina Tchen, who is a former Michelle Obama chief of staff in the White House, is a friend with the prosecutor and a friend with the sister of Smollett.”

“What in the world would be in it for them to be associated with this, which justifiably has people really mad about a travesty of justice?” Rush mused. “Now it’s been learned that … Jussie Smollett’s community service was doing 10 hours or 18, whatever it was, for the Reverend Jackson. That’s it! He even made a big deal about demanding his $10,000 back.”

The point is, said Limbaugh, that this is a clear “travesty of justice” that has justifiably outraged people, but as absurd as it is, it is only a shadow of the travesty that took place with the Russia investigation.

“Whatever this is with Smollett — whatever the genuine outrage is and whatever the travesty of justice is — it does not compare with the travesty of justice that we have been witnessing with this Mueller investigation,” he said. “And this entire silent coup for more than 2-1/2 years to get rid of a duly elected president, to force him from office — witch hunt, investigation, whatever you want to call it — that wasn’t even able to produce a single witch. It wasn’t even able to produce a single Russian. I have to really strive not to get shouting mad over this and what has happened, the degree of travesty.”

“The comparison to this and what has happened with Smollett? They don’t even compare,” he added. “Smollett is a speck of dust compared to the genuine constitutional outrage that we have been subjected to for the past two years. There ought to be a thousand times more outrage at Mueller, at Brennan, at Clapper, at McCabe, at Comey, at Strzok Smirk, at Lisa Page, at Bruce Ohr, at Nellie Ohr, at Hillary Clinton, at Glenn Simpson, at Christopher Steele, than there is for this prosecutor in Chicago, Kim Foxx.”

“Our entire country was put on the chopping block,” he continued. “The counterintelligence agencies of this country turned all of their efforts inward and focused on the destruction of one man and his family and his presidency — and, by extension, everybody that voted for him and continues to support him. Whatever is involved in this Smollett business, this is a thousand times worse, and it ought to have people a thousand times more outraged and upset.”

Since the findings of the report were first revealed by Attorney General William Barr Sunday, Limbaugh has been calling for “accountability” for those involved in launching it.

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