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Limbaugh: Here’s What We’ve Learned About Democrats From Their Response To Covington Teens, NY Abortion Law

By  James

On his inimitable radio show Monday, Rush Limbaugh paused to note the “overwhelming reaction” to his monologue last week responding to New York State Democrats passing the most extreme abortion law in U.S. history, which, among other things, allows for abortion up to the child’s due date and loosens restrictions on who is allowed to perform an abortion. The response to his monologue was so strong, the radio host suggested, because in it he addressed a key concept that many people have struggled to understand: What is really driving Democrats even to the point of cheering such an extreme abortion law?

“I have been overwhelmed with feedback and apparently a couple of other websites picked up the story and ran the transcript of what I said,” Limbaugh said, noting that The Daily Wire was one of them. “I think it was timely because of a singular observation about it.”

While nobody seems to be able understand what is inspiring Democrats and their leftist supporters to such extremes, Limbaugh said he gets it. “I understand exactly what’s happened: They have become poisoned by a loathing hatred for us,” he said.

Rush then cited a recent tweet by actor and writer Ben Stein, who observed: “We have a society in which there are an awful lot of people who have no idea that Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung all came to power promising the same kinds of things that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is promising. And it led to mass murder, it led to dictatorship, it led to genocide.”

Limbaugh agreed and tied Stein’s point to his: Leftist Democrats, as represented now by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the growing number of democratic socialists and identity radicals in the Democratic base, know nothing about the true enemies of all that we value and their core ideologies: socialism and atheism. For these increasingly far-left folks, instead of Stalin and Pol Pot, the true enemy is now high school junior Nicholas Sandmann, who became for a week the poster boy for the average conservative.

“Do you remember what happened to the kid, the Covington High School kids?” Limbaugh asked. “Do you know of one person who stood up on the Democrat side and rejected the treatment that kid was getting from their supporters? There wasn’t one elected Democrat. They all piled on instead! There wasn’t one elected Democrat who stood up and told everybody on his or her side to calm down. No. What happened was the actions against the kid, led by the media, were joined by others in the media and the Democrat Party and the kids were then targeted as the perpetrators, as the guilty. Meanwhile, the congressional Black Israelites, who were the real perpetrators, the real vile, defamatory hate-filled people, got a total pass, as did the aging and frail Indian chief, Nathan Phillips.”

As demonstrated by the cheering and applauding of the extremist abortion bill in New York, the Democrats have increasingly embraced a radical hatred for anything conservative, driven to celebrate any perceived victory over conservative values and beliefs.

Noting that left-leaning Andrew Sullivan wrote a piece defending the kids, Limbaugh then quoted from a response to Sullivan by a fellow leftist expressing what Limbaugh said was a view that represented a growing number on that side of the aisle: “I don’t know who was truly the aggressor/bad guy in this situation … BUT I DO KNOW THIS: These were wealthy, privileged, white teenagers in MAGA hats marching against abortion,” the leftist critic wrote. “That is plenty of reason to want to [heck] all of them until there is nothing left but giblets and red jelly.”

“That’s typical,” said Rush. “Folks, that’s who these people are, and one of the reasons they exist today is that we have never stood up to oppose them!” While conservatives have fought back, he went on to explain, the Republican Party continues to back away, emboldening the radical left while our culture has suffered as a result.

“We’re living the practical results of it, and it was epitomized by standing ovations in the New York State Senate when they applauded the fact that nonmedical personnel can now do abortions even up to a due date. And if baby in the womb is intended to be aborted and survives the process, they can go ahead and kill it after birth,” said Rush, adding later in conclusion: “They don’t have to mask it or camouflage it — and note, they’re not masking or camouflaging much of anything else, because they don’t think there’s anybody that’s gonna stop them. Because they know that if anybody does stand up and try to stop them…? Well, you want to know what your life would be like? Ask Donald Trump, and how many people are willing to put their lives on the line [like] him?”

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