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Limbaugh: Here’s The Only Way Pelosi Gets Out Of Calling For Impeachment Vote

By  James Barrett
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) takes a sip of water as she speaks to the media during her weekly press conference at the U.S. Capitol on November 21, 2019 in Washington, DC. Pelosi spoke about her legislative plans through the new year and the lack of progress she feels the Senate is making on passing legislation the House has already passed. She then took questions. (Photo by Alex Edelman/Getty Images)
Alex Edelman/Getty Images

Conservative talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh says that while his “instinct” is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is backed into a corner on moving forward with the impeachment vote, there is one way she could possibly get out of the whole mess and somewhat save face.

Though Democrats aren’t walking anything back publicly, said Limbaugh, reports reveal that Democrats are getting “nervous” about the public response to the impeachment hearings. “What is happening is the poll data is plummeting,” he said on his radio show Monday. “Support for impeachment dropped in some polls up to eight points in the two weeks of the Schiff hearings. In no poll is support for impeachment expanding or increasing. And they all see this. And they are very poll-driven.”

“So if Pelosi wanted to not have the vote, how could she do it?” he asked.

“She could go on TV, call a press conference and tell a bunch of lies about how successful the hearings were,” said Rush. “That we’ve got all of this evidence of bribery and extortion and praise to the hilt all of the civil servant left-wing liberal Democrat witnesses, extol their virtues to no end, praise them to the hilt, praise them by name, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman — O say can you see — Fiona Hill, Bill Taylor, George Kent, name ’em. Yovanovitch.”

The speaker could “then say that even if she were to get every Democrat in the House voting, the problem is that the process then goes to the Senate where the corrupt Republicans are in charge, where the Republican Party is going to not listen… The Republican Party will openly defy the wishes and will of the American people as represented in the vote to impeach in the House of Representatives,” said Limbaugh.

“And in the trial, the Republicans will be able to call witnesses who will be able to distort and confuse and get away with it because the partisan Republicans who will do anything to protect Trump will be running the trial,” he continued. “And she can continue to set it up as whatever happens in the Senate will be illegitimate because of Republican partisanship, and then present that as the greatest problem facing America. Republican partisanship, Republican defense of Donald Trump. The Republicans’ refusal to stand up for the Constitution.”

Pelosi could “tell her wacko, crazed base a truth, that the inherent problem of going to the Senate is that because of the partisanship of the evil Republicans, this president, who we have proven has violated his oath of office will be acquitted because of Republican partisanship, because Republicans will ignore the evidence just like they did with Kavanaugh. They will see to it that this president is protected.”

Her closing argument, he suggested, could be something to the effect of:

[T]he last thing this country needs, the last thing this country can put up with and tolerate is this president being acquitted. That would be an outrage to the Constitution. That would be an outrage to the American people. I simply will not participate in a process that ends with this president, who is as guilty as any president has ever been, I will not be part of a process that finds him not guilty. I simply cannot do that to America. And because of the partisan Republicans, because of the mean-spirited Republicans, because of racist, bigoted, sexist homophobic Republicans … this president will be found not guilty, and that is something our country cannot withstand. And I, your speaker, will not put this country through that.

“Now, would something like that fly with her wacko base?” asked Limbaugh. “That’s a tough call. ‘Cause her wacko base, they want Trump in jail. They want him shot at dawn. They want the absolute worst that they could imagine happening.”

On further reflection, Limbaugh offered up one other potential excuse Pelosi could throw in: “Because of the archaic old-fashioned rules of the Senate which will be enforced by the bigoted leader, Mitch McConnell, our great Democrat presidential candidates from the Senate will not be able to campaign during a trial.”

“I think Pelosi — with her buddies in the Drive-By Media and elsewhere — is already laying the blame, laying the groundwork for blaming Republican partisanship as her reason for withdrawing the vote to impeach,” Rush added. “It’s still a long shot, but I can see it happening out there.”

When he first began addressing the question of how Pelosi could get out of calling for a vote, Limbaugh stressed that his “instinct” says she can’t. “She can’t not follow through with this,” said Rush. “She’s got to have the vote, after everything they’ve said about this. And Schiff continues to bleed all over everybody on TV about he’s got the goods. Trump’s misconduct is apparent. Everybody can see it. They’re not walking back anything, even though the Drive-Bys are doing stories on nervous Nellie Democrats.”

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