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Limbaugh: Here Are All The Questions Journalists Should Be Asking Obama, Hillary

On his top-rated radio program Thursday, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh offered up a series of questions that “real journalists” would be asking former President Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton right about now.

In light of all the details that have emerged about the way the Russia collusion investigation got started, said Limbaugh, if we had “real journalists” in the mainstream media, they’d have a lot of big questions about what both the Democratic president and presidential nominee knew back in 2016. To help the “drive-bys” out a little, Limbaugh offered up a few questions to which he suggested the public deserves answers.

Limbaugh’s first question for Obama: “President Obama, were you made aware of spying on the Trump campaign while you were in office?”

Another question: “President Obama, are you shocked at the possibility of spying on a political campaign in post-Watergate America?”

And another: “President Obama, are you supportive of Attorney General Barr’s efforts to fully investigate the reasons for this spying?”

And this one: “President Obama, if FISA courts were deceived in any way by your FBI, would you characterize that as a scandal — and, if not, how would you characterize it?”

Another: “President Obama, when you said that you learned about Hillary Clinton’s secret email server by reading about it in the papers, were you being honest, sir? Because we know that you sent her emails on that server knowing full-fledged that it had an address that was outside the State Department.”

And this retrospective: “President Obama, looking back, are you shocked that the secretary of state would create and maintain a private, poorly secured email server that processed top secret documents for her entire term?”

And, finally, this one: “President Obama, was President Trump correct in his assessment that he was surveilled by your administration?”

Limbaugh then posed some questions for Clinton about her role in the creation of the infamous Steele dossier that largely prompted the “collusion” narrative.

“Mrs. Clinton, when did you first read the Steele dossier that you paid for?” asked Rush.

Another Steele-related question: “Mrs. Clinton, what was your reaction when you saw BuzzFeed actually publish the dossier despite their admission that it had not been verified or corroborated? Did you feel successful?”

And another: “As a former first lady, senator, and secretary of state, you are familiar with investigative reports from intelligence agencies. Were you fooled by the information in the Steele dossier? Did you believe what was in the Steele dossier?

“Did you pay for what you knew was not verifiable or corroborate-able in the Steele dossier?” he added in another loaded question.

Another one: “Who in your organization gave the Perkins Coie law firm the assignment to secure the dossier from Fusion GPS, and were you aware of the assignment?”

Or how about this one: “If the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and Director of National Intelligence abused their powers, spying on and undermining the Trump campaign, transition, and presidency, would you condemn those actions?”

Finally: “Mrs. Clinton, are you at all worried that the Steele dossier can be tied to your campaign and that it was thus knowingly used to secure four fraudulent FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, or did you feel like it was an eminently successful political operation?”

During his program Thursday, Limbaugh also jokingly offered up the idea of re-doing the 2018 midterms after two of the biggest stories driving media coverage leading up to the election ended up proving to be “two big lies”: that Mueller was going to find Trump guilty of collusion and obstruction of justice and the migrant caravan was a “giant myth” invented by the Trump administration.

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