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Limbaugh Explains Why Trump’s Feud With LeBron Won’t Hurt His Rising Black Support

By  James Barrett

On his “99.7% accurate” radio show on Monday, Rush Limbaugh addressed the issue of the rising support among African-Americans for President Trump, including whether Trump’s public feud with LeBron James may potentially impact that positive momentum. Limbaugh suggested that the black community is far more concerned with real-world issues than the opinion of King James.

Limbaugh led into the discussion by highlighting some statistics that Democrats and their Drive-By allies would rather keep under wraps. Citing an article based partly on a report by University of North Carolina-Charlotte researchers published in 2016, Limbaugh addressed a disturbing trend among African-Americans: Abortion accounts for almost twice as many black deaths than average in America.

“While abortion accounted for nearly a third of U.S. deaths in 2009, 32%, more troubling still, it made up 61% of African-American deaths,” said Limbaugh. The 2016 study’s abstract explains that statistics show that abortion “represented 16.4% of non-Hispanic White deaths, but 61.1% and 64.0% of non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic deaths respectively.”

“And who’s pushing that?” asked Limbaugh. “You know, it comes back to the same group, the Democrat Party is pushing this.”

Limbaugh tied that story to more grim numbers from the weekend: “Ten killed, 53 wounded in Chicago this weekend,” he said. “Ten killed, 53 wounded in Chicago. You know, you might say, based on these stories, based on these stories that the two most dangerous places to be if you’re African-American in this country are in Chicago or in the womb. This is obscene.”

Limbaugh then introduced the central point of the segment: “Trump’s approval numbers among African-Americans at the last part of the week, 29%, up from 15% not that long ago,” he said.

“Now, stop and think. If that approval rating of 29% were to translate into votes or transfer to votes, do you know what that would mean?” said Limbaugh. “That’d mean the end of the Democrat Party. If Donald Trump has 30% approval in the black community and a bunch of them start voting for Trump in 2020, that’d be the end of the Democrat Party. That would blow it to smithereens.”

But, Rush wondered aloud, would Trump’s ongoing war with LeBron undermine that dramatic progress?

“Less than a day and a half after that approval stat came out, Trump tweeted about LeBron James being interviewed by the dumbest man in TV, Don Lemon, which was saying something, then said LeBron’s not all that bright, either,” said Limbaugh. “And of course everybody just had a cow over this because LeBron has started a school for kids, and LeBron’s doing all this wonderful stuff, and here’s Trump insulting him simply because…My question is, if the 29% approval rating is there, how much of that is hurt with Trump’s [comments]?”

Noting, as Snerdley pointed out, that LeBron isn’t as universally loved among sports fans as many believe, Trump suggested that Trump is being more strategic about his attacks on James than it might appear:

“If it was on CNN, nobody saw it ’til Trump, you know, raised its profile,” he said. “Well, yeah, then Melania comes out the next day and she said LeBron’s doing great things for kids with his school and so forth. I don’t know. I think all of this is strategic. They say Trump is shooting from the hip. I don’t. I think he follows his instincts. But I don’t think this is nearly as random and staccatoed as people want to make it out to be.”

The news cycle, Limbaugh suggested, referencing the Chicago story again, is unwittingly providing the outreach to the black community for Trump. Every day more stories about Democratic policies and politicians failing the community, like the embattled Rahm Emanuel, will far outweigh any concerns about his opinion of a celebrity.

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