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Limbaugh: Dems Get A Bunch Of Disappointing News About Mueller, FBI, Blue Wave

By  James Barrett

Amid reports revealing that the FBI admitted Friday to using informants to spy on former Trump adviser Carter Page, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh highlighted a series of other reports that Democrats won’t be thrilled about.

Left-leaning outlets, Limbaugh pointed out, are preparing Democrats to be disappointed by the much-anticipated findings of the Robert Mueller probe.

“Politico had a story over the weekend warning Democrats not to expect anything from Mueller, not when it comes to Russian collusion. Be prepared for a major disappointment,” said Limbaugh. “The Washington Post with a similar story, and there are similar stories on the midterms and the blue wave about how it’s looking less and less likely and more and more toss-up, up for grabs, as Republican strength is surging in places that it was not seen earlier.”

The stories prepping Dems for disappointment in the Russia probe, noted Limbaugh, come amid the fallout of the FBI’s admission about spying on Page.

“The FBI has admitted planting spies and informants now in the Trump campaign. They’ve just openly admitted it, and it’s all the people that we knew,” said Limbaugh. “It was all oriented toward being able to spy on Carter Page first and then the Trump campaign at large.”

Pointing to a report by The Daily Caller titled “FBI Acknowledges Using Multiple Informants in Investigation of Trump Campaign Aide,” Rush said, “That would be Carter Page. Now they’re admitting stuff on Halper. They’re admitting Joseph Mifsud. They’re admitting everything we told you about embedding and infiltrating the Trump campaign in an attempt… They’re not admitting they did this to plant evidence, but they’re admitting they had spies, ’cause the jig’s up. They can’t hide it.”

As for the disappointing reports about the dying dream of a big Blue Wave, Limbaugh declared in amazement, “This has shocked and surprised the Drive-Bys and their polling analysts, and I’m here it tell you again that I don’t believe this!”

He continued: “I don’t believe this is the way things happen. It can, you know, for individual voter to individual voter. But when you’re talking about blocs of voters, it just doesn’t make sense that the vast majority of people back in December were all intending to get rid of every Republican they could ’cause they hated Trump, made a mistake voting for Trump and knew it, and then nine months later changed their minds. But this is what they ask us to believe. And that’s why I do this polling nine months out, eight months out, which doesn’t mean anything, other than an interesting talking point at the time.”

Limbaugh also pointed to another headache for team Mueller: one of the Russian troll farms the special counsel indicted for meddling, Concord Management, “showed up in court demanding their trial after having pled not guilty. And Mueller said (paraphrasing), ‘What? What? Uh, well, you can’t… You can’t do that. We haven’t even properly served you.'”

Reading from a piece by Zero Hedge, Rush said, “‘Concord has asked Dabney to throw out the charges — claiming that Mueller’s office fabricated a crime, and that there is no law against interfering in elections.’ That’s what their judge says. There isn’t a U.S. law says you can’t do it.”

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