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Limbaugh: Cohen Caught Telling More Big Lies To Congress

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s former “fixer” told Congressional Democrats a lot of things they wanted to hear about his former boss: He’s a “racist,” a “conman,” and guilty of a bunch of “illicit acts,” including after taking office. The convicted felon former lawyer even came armed with some “irrefutable” evidence, or so he claimed. But in the process, Michael Cohen was also caught lying, again, to Congress, something Rush Limbaugh made sure to point out on his radio show Wednesday.

Limbaugh dedicated much of his show Wednesday to discussing Cohen’s big return to Congress as he prepares himself for three years behind bars for, among other things, lying to Congress.

“There are so many contradictions here,” said Limbaugh of Cohen’s testimony Wednesday. After highlighting Cohen’s claim that it was his idea for Trump to run for president in 2011, which Rep. Jim Jordan mocked, Limbaugh said, “Keep something in mind: Cohen said earlier that Trump didn’t want to win! He never expected to win! Running for president was some sort of gigantic marketing campaign, a gigantic infomercial or something. He never expected to win! And then he says that Trump would do anything to win! He’s ruthless! He’ll stop at nothing to win! Now we’re being told that it was his dream to be president as far back as 2011. Remember Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower in June of 2015. Cohen just said it was four years earlier and that was his idea!”

That was just Cohen doing what he always does, lying, Rush suggested, and the disgraced lawyer told some far bigger lies on Wednesday, including that he supposedly didn’t want a job in the White House.

“Now, Cohen has also lied in a big way under oath today,” said Limbaugh. Summarizing the exchange between Jordan and Cohen about his desire to be chief of staff, which Cohen denied, Rush cited the evidence against Cohen, including Eric Trump tweeting, “Michael was lobbying everyone to be chief of staff. It was the biggest joke in the campaign and around the office. Did he just perjure himself again?” and Donald Trump Jr. tweeting, “Nailed it. It really was the biggest joke of the entire transition. The beginning of his bitterness was when he realized it was never gonna happen.”

“So Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are claiming that Cohen was desperate to be chief of staff — desperate to move up, desperate to be hired by Trump to actually matter in the administration — and wasn’t,” said Limbaugh. “But we don’t have to rely on just these two guys. Are you ready for this? If you go consult the sentencing report for Cohen from the Southern District of New York… I’ll remind you again: Cohen said today he did not seek, he did not want, and he had no ambition for a job in the White House. But the Southern District sentencing report says this. Quote, ‘During and after the campaign Cohen told friends and colleagues, including in seized text messages, that he expected to be given a prominent role and title in the administration.'”

“He blamed his accountant for underreporting income to the IRS when the Southern District says that he did not provide his accountant with the information the accountant needed about his income,” Rush noted. “The guy is lying through his teeth today, folks.”

Limbaugh then highlighted an exchange between Republican Rep. Thomas Massie and Cohen that blew apart Cohen’s claim that Trump had some inside knowledge about the WikiLeaks email dump:

MASSIE: You said, and this is also in your testimony, in the days before the Democratic convention you became privy to a conversation that some of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails would be leaked, is that correct?

COHEN: Correct.

MASSIE: Okay. Was that in — you said late July, do you know the exact day?

COHEN: I believe it was either the 18th or the 19th and I would ask that it would be on the 19th.

MASSIE: But it was definitely July.

COHEN: I believe so, yes.

MASSIE: Do you know that was public knowledge in June? This was, Mr. Assange, and I’d like to submit this – unanimous consent to submit this for the record.

CUMMINGS: Without objection so ordered.

MASSIE: Mr. Assange reported to the media on June 12th that those e-mails would be leaked. So, I’m not saying you have fake news, I’m saying you have old news and there’s really not much to that.

“It’s not a crime anyway,” Limbaugh pointed out. “This is the whole thing. It’s not a crime that Trump would be interested in a document dump involving Hillary Clinton. He’s running against her. And Cohen said (paraphrasing), ‘Well, Roger Stone called Assange and then Roger Stone called Trump and told Trump that Assange told him that this big email drop with Hillary was coming and it was in July.’ And we all knew that in June.”

“Folks, this guy is worse than a rat, and he’s worse than a snitch,” said Rush. “He has this 20-page opening statement in which he seemingly admits every lie and every transgression and is now doing everything up-and-up for his family, for his beloved wife and beloved children and for the goodness and graciousness of America. He’s lying through his teeth even on these hearings while under oath! And he’s trying to act like stuff that was public knowledge in June was still unknown to anybody in July and that Donald Trump is somehow guilty of something because he was interested in what WikiLeaks was gonna dump.”

Limbaugh then provided a clip of Republican Mark Meadows asking Cohen about his contracts with foreign entities in which Meadows accused Cohen of lying to Congress, again:

MEADOWS: I’m concerned about your lies today. Under your testimony just a few minutes ago, to me, you indicated that you had contracts with foreign entities and yet we have a truth in testimony disclosure form which requires you to list those foreign contracts for the last two years, and you put NA on there, and that’s a criminal offense to not have that accurately. So when were you lying? Either in the testimony to me earlier today or when you filled out the form?

CUMMINGS: Gentleman’s time has expired. Mr. Cohen, you may answer his question, and then whatever you wanted to stay on that other —

COHEN: His question is — unfortunately, I — I don’t have an answer for his question.

“Of course,” said Limbaugh. “I don’t have an answer. When was I lying? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer for that. By the way, this is one of the things Paul Manafort’s in jail for. Failing to legally register as a foreign agent or as a foreign representative. In Manafort’s case, it’s of Ukraine. And Mark Meadows has since tweeted out that he has made a criminal referral to judicial authorities, legal, law enforcement authorities about this.”

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