Like Villains From A Batman Movie: The ‘Green Goblin Gang’ Takes NYC Crime To Another Level


It sounds like something straight out of Batman.

Have you seen the “Green Goblin Gang” in New York City? It sounds like fiction.

The “Green Goblin Gang” is a bunch of black women who were recently dressed in all neon green, jumped onto the subway, and began to pummel subway riders at a Times Square subway train stop. They were released without bail on Tuesday.

Please take a look at this video because it is actually insane: 

As you see, they have neon green nylon outfits covering their faces, but with holes cut out for their ponytails, which is even weirder. 

It is a truly bizarre video.

I don’t mean to laugh at these victims, but when my producer saw this video, she said, “Who is the person recording this. Like, how could you just allow this to happen?”

And I said, “In defense of the person recording it. I wouldn’t know what to make of it. I don’t think that my brain would be able to process that I was witnessing a crime. I don’t know what I would think if a bunch of people who were dressed in neon green from head to toe, but with spaces cut out for their ponytails, jumped onto a plane, started screaming and shouting and cursing.”

I would maybe think I was watching the Jabberwocky group and thinking they’re break out into a dance or that I was being a part of something. Or maybe it was an experiment. I definitely would not have thought people were being harmed or mugged.

Instead, your brain just can’t process something this bizarre. But yes, this is what has happened in New York City.

New York City has been lax on crime for a very long timeSo now, we have people indulging in fantastical crimes like the “Green Goblin Gang.” 

From what I see, honestly, this a Batman plotline.

One day after the attack, the leader, 26 year-old Mariam Issouf, turned herself in to the cops with her defense attorney at her side.

She was cut loose on supervised release after being arraigned on a second-degree robbery charge in the October 2nd video.

She turned herself in. Ideally, authorities will get the rest of these young women. If they don’t, maybe Batman, Robin, Superman, and Spider-Man will assemble and save the people in these liberal hellhole cities.

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