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‘Light Gay Prostitution’: Another #MeToo-Themed Tape Of Jimmy Kimmel Emerges

Audio tape of late-night host Jimmy Kimmel making light of a podcast host’s alleged sexual encounter with a Hollywood executive as “light gay prostitution” has emerged — just days before the comedian takes the stage to host the “Time’s Up”-era Oscars.

Below is the audio and transcript posted by Austen Fletcher of Kimmel’s 2014 appearance on “The Big 3 Podcast,” hosted by Perry Caravello, Don Barris, and Walter Molinski. “Jimmy Kimmel mocks man sharing story of being sexually abused by Hollywood Exec in order to get a role,” Fletcher wrote in the caption.

In the episode, Caravello discusses his experience of allegedly being coerced into a sexual act by Hollywood executive Randy Callahan, a topic which has been brought up at other times on the show and treated as something of a running joke. In the audio clip posted by Fletcher, Kimmel discusses the alleged incident with Caravello, which Kimmel describes as “light gay prostitution”:

CARAVELLO: I’m not talking about what you just mentioned.

KIMMEL: Right, but if everyone else wants to talk about it, while you’re sitting there, I think you have to go along with it.

CARAVELLO: What’s there to talk about? … And I did become an extra in that film. I did not blow Randy Callahan.

KIMMEL: He didn’t blow Randy Callahan.

CARAVELLO: No. I had to give him the knuckle shuffle.

KIMMEL: On his piss pump.


KIMMEL: How did it go? I mean, did it work? You wound up getting the job, right?

CARAVELLO: Yes, I did get the job…

KIMMEL: So, it was a little like light gay prostitution.

Whether or not there is any truth to Caravello’s claim is unclear. In response to a bizarre petition calling on Caravello to apologize for “lying about people,” a “Randy Callahan” recently wrote, “Perry has lied to further his own career, and never once have I been asked what happened because Perry is afraid to have the truth told by me.” Here is the link to The Big 3 Podcast’s November 2010 episode in which they talk more about the “explicit encounter Perry had with Randy Callahan.”

This is the second #MeToo-themed Kimmel tape that has emerged since the anti-sexual harassment movement first began in fall 2017. In a video that went viral in October, the former “Man’s Show” host asks women to feel all over his crotch to find out what he’s got stuffed inside.

“I’ve stuffed something in my pants, and you’re welcome to feel around on the outside of the pants,” Kimmel tells a blonde woman. “You have then ten seconds to guess what it is in my pants.” When she begins to grope him, the host suggests, “You should use two hands.”

He remarks to another woman, “You’ve done this before, haven’t you.” He tells another one, who is on her knees, “Maybe it would be easier if you put your mouth on it.”

Kimmel even works in a statutory rape joke, saying to one girl, who claims she’s 18, “You sure of that? Cause old Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

When he finally makes the big reveal to one woman, who guessed that he has a “vibrator” in his pants, he says, “No, it is actually a zucchini with a rubber band on it. But you could use it as a vibrator …” He then demonstrates how she could make it vibrate with his hand.

Watch below (video posted by Fletcher):