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The Left’s Trump Card On Kavanaugh: HE’S A WHITE MALE!

By  Paul Bois

According to the Left, Brett Kavanaugh is unqualified for the Supreme Court not because he lacks the credentials or even because he’s conservative, but rather for the intersectional crime of being straight, white, and male.

Even though the Left fervently opposed the nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas to the point of slandering his good name and would have raged against whomever President Trump nominated no matter their color or sex, leftists from late-night to the NY Daily News are all saying that Brett Kavanaugh is just 50 shades too white for the SCOTUS job.

Over at CBS, Stephen Colbert joked that Kavanaugh passed President Trump’s “white guy bingo” for the nomination.

Pulling a BINGO card from his pocket, Colbert exclaimed, “You see, all the squares say ‘white guy.'”

Jimmy Kimmel played the exact same hand over at ABC, saying that Kavanaugh was the “white man for the job” after President Trump narrowed the picks.

“He narrowed his candidates down to three but, in the end, Brett Kavanaugh was the white man for the job,” Kimmel quipped. “So he picked him.”

The New York Daily News lamented not only Kavanaugh’s pale complexion but also the complexion of the men who are praising him. “After President Trump picked a man who many believe will be the deciding vote on reversing Roe v. Wade, the White House released a list of praise from 34 members of Congress – all of whom are white men,” whined the outlet.

Refinery 29 took the same line of argument as the NY Daily News, both of which neglected the praise Kavanaugh earned from pro-life organizations, many of which have women leaders.

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