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Leftists Triggered Over ‘White Male’ Jon Favreau Being Hired On ‘Star Wars’ Series

By  Paul Bois

According to the logic of the Left, only black people can write and direct movies about black people, only women can write and direct movies about women, and white males need to check their privilege.

Acclaimed filmmaker Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”) has been selected to write a live-action “Star Wars” series for Disney, but the color of his skin makes that a grave crime, which will only be remedied if he abdicates his position or puts an “inclusion rider” in his contract. Add to the fact that the announcement of Favreau’s employment occurred on International Women’s Day and leftists everywhere have lost their minds.

Ann Thompson of IndieWire said the announcement was “bad PR timing.”

“Women have a tough time getting the experience they need to compete for plum jobs like this,” she tweeted. “Even few men boast the array of proven skills — writing, acting, directing, VFX — that Jon Favreau has. Hollywood needs to give more women chances to build that toolset.”

Anne Thompson acts like Favreau just wandered into the special effects world of filmmaking overnight, forgetting that the man did not direct “Iron Man” until after directing the low-budget movie “Made,” which then led him to direct the wildly successful Christmas comedy “Elf” and the largely forgotten children’s film “Zathura.” It took three moderate-budget movies before Favreau broke into the world of big-budget projects. The same goes for “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler. Director Ava DuVernay did moderate-budget “Selma” before she directed the ultra-budget “A Wrinkle in Time.”

Writers or directors who want the big kahuna have to prove themselves in smaller circles time and time again before that can happen. Do any of these people think that Spielberg began his career in the director’s chair on an Indiana Jones set? Just look at the man’s IMDB profile. Prior to his hit “Jaws” in 1974, he directed multiple TV movies and the low-budget feature “The Sugarland Express.” The same goes for George Lucas and EVERY. SINGLE. AMERICAN. FILMMAKER.

BuzzFeed reporter Adam B. Vary lamented, “On the one hand, Jon Favreau is a proven blockbuster filmmaker with a strong command of fantasy storytelling. On the other hand, announcing that another straight white dude is helming a Star Wars project ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY is… not great.”

At least they feel Favreau should keep his job. Other SJW trolls are a lot less forgiving and feel that the very color of the man’s skin should automatically exclude him from the director’s chair:

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