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Leftists Say There Are No Examples of Men Exploiting ‘Trans’ Laws to Harm Women. Here Are 9.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The left has made it clear that “gender identity” must be the new standard for any and all things segregated by sex. If John says he “identifies” as a female, he should be allowed access to that corresponding fitting room, bathroom, locker-room, etc. Anything less would be discriminatory, and as Totally Objective CNN journalist Chris Cuomo recently noted, if a 12-year-old girl doesn’t want to see a penis in her locker-room, she’s “the problem.”

Yes, she’s the problem.

When opponents of the aggressive trans agenda question what the standards are for trans men or women to enter the facility opposite of their biological sex, for fear of exploitation by males for nefarious activity, they are told that this “just doesn’t happen.”

Well, that just isn’t true.

Here are nine examples of men exploiting transgender laws and guidelines to peep on or harm women and girls.

1. Citing transgender law, a man from Seattle claimed he was a transgender woman to gain access to a women’s locker-room at a public recreational center while little girls were changing for swim practice.

As noted by The Daily Wire last year, a Seattle man, on two different occasions, walked into a women’s locker-room and began undressing, citing the “new state rule that allows people to choose a bathroom based on gender identity.”

“It was a busy time at Evans Pool around 5:30 p.m. Monday February 8,” KING5 News reported. “The pool was open for lap swim. According to Seattle Parks and Recreation, a man wearing board shorts entered the women’s locker room and took off his shirt. Women alerted staff, who told the man to leave, but he said ‘the law has changed and I have a right to be here.’”

Adhering to the trans law, no one called the police on this man. He reportedly came back a second time when young girls were changing into their swimsuits for swim practice.

2. A sexual predator from Toronto claimed to be a transgender woman named “Jessica” in order to get access to a women’s shelter and their shower facilities. He was arrested and sentenced to jail for sexually assaulting several of the women in the shelter.

As LifeSite reported in 2014, “A biological man claiming to be ‘transgender’ so as to gain access to and prey on women at two Toronto shelters was jailed ‘indefinitely.'”

Christopher Hambrook, 37, leaned on the ever expanding legal “rights” offered to people who “identify” with the sex opposite their biology. Under the name “Jessica,” he was able to get into the women’s shelters, where he sexually assaulted several women in 2012, the Toronto Sun reports.

Court heard how one woman awoke to find Hambrook assaulting her on her bed. “Her tights had been pulled down past her bottom and her bathing suit had been pulled to the side,” court documents reveal. “She yelled at the accused, demanding to know what he was doing. He simply covered his face with his hands, said ‘Oops!’ and started giggling.”

There was also evidence that the perp terrorized a deaf woman at the shelter. “The accused grabbed the complainant’s hand and forcibly placed it on his crotch area while his penis was erect,” the court heard.

Hambrook would allegedly “peer at her through a gap between the door and its frame while she showered.”

3. A Chicago man entered a women’s restroom, choking an 8-year-old girl until she passed out.

As reported by The Washington Times last year, a 33-year-old man entered a women’s restroom and choked an eight-year-old girl until she passed out.

The young girl’s mother says she was in the adjacent stall when the incident happened. After she heard her daughter scream, she came to her rescue. Police arrived minutes later.

“Chicago bans discrimination based on gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations,” notes The Washington Times.

4. A man, dressed as a man and rocking a five o’clock shadow, strolled into a Ross department store women’s fitting room because he was “representing himself as a woman today,” making at least one female costumer uncomfortable enough to leave the store.

The Daily Caller reports: “Lisa Stickles was shopping at her local Ross store when she saw a man who was dressed like a man, complete with a five o’clock shadow, in the women’s dressing room. When she informed the store manager she was told company policy allowed customers to use whichever dressing room they identified with.”

A manager would later inform Stickles that the man “was representing himself as a woman today.”

“What about me? Or my feelings?” asked the female. “(The manager) told me that if I felt uncomfortable in the dressing room with him there … I’d have to wait until he’s finished.”

5. A man from Idaho claiming to be a transgender woman was allowed access to a Target fitting room, where he then took photos and videos of naked women, at least one of whom was a teenager.

“Officers were called to a Bonneville County store after Shauna Patricia Smith — who was born Sean Patrick Smith — allegedly held her cell phone over a stall to shoot photos of an 18-year-old girl changing next to her,” reported The New York Daily News in July 2016.

Smith, a white male, was wearing a dress and a wig.

Smith later confessed to cops that he recorded the videos in the Target fitting room for “the same reason men look at pornography.”

“Police are investigating whether there are more victims,” notes NYDN. “Smith, who is facing one felony voyeurism charge, was booked into the county jail as a male.”

6. A murderous man claiming to be a transgender woman was granted access to women’s prison. He then had sex with female inmates and was removed for “inappropriate behavior.”

As reported by The Daily Wire, “A biologically male killer who ‘identifies’ as a woman was allowed to carry out his 18-year sentence in the female wing of a prison after torturing, sexually assaulting and eventually killing a man in 2013. The barbaric transgender ‘woman’ has now been moved back to the men’s wing at HMP Edinburgh after—wait for—reportedly having sex with multiple female inmates.”

This was the second time Paris Green had to be moved within the prison for “inappropriate behaviour.”

Pauline Bell, the sister of the man Green murdered, believes he is simply lying about being transgender in order to “manipulate the system.”

“The whole thing is a joke,” she said. “We don’t believe he really wants a sex change.

“He’s just trying to manipulate the system and the tax payer is footing the bill,” Bell added.

7. A Los Angeles man dressed in drag, entered a Macy’s department store bathroom and videotaped women under bathroom stalls.

As The Daily Wire reported in late March, charges were filed against Jason Pomare, a 33-year-old biological male, for allegedly disguising himself as a woman, sneaking into the women’s restroom at a Macy’s department store and secretly videotaping hours of footage of women in bathroom stalls:

Pomare reportedly disguised himself with a wig and fake breasts; he kept his video camera with him in a small purse.

The suspect “was charged Tuesday with six counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification. After his arrest, investigators said a video camera found in his purse had ‘hours’ of video of women using the restroom inside the store,” reports NBC4 News.

Macy’s stores have a pro-trans bathroom and fitting room policy, which corresponds to “gender identity” as opposed to biology. Last year, a Catholic employee claimed he was fired from the department store because he wouldn’t adhere to the transgender policy.

8. Two biologically male students at the University of Toronto were caught exploiting the gender-neutral facilities in order to peep on women in the shower with their cellphone cameras.

The University of Toronto was forced to reconsider their gender-neutral bathrooms policy “after two separate incidents of ‘voyeurism’ were reported on campus September 15 and 19,” reported Pardes Seleh. “Male students within the University’s Whitney Hall student residence were caught holding their cellphones over female students’ shower stalls and filming them as they showered.”

9. A man in Virginia dressed in drag to gain access to a women’s bathroom, where he then filmed a 35-year-old woman and a five-year-old girl.

“Richard Rodriguez, 30, filmed a woman in a bathroom stall at the Potomac Mills Mall, Prince William County Police said,” reported NBC Washington. His victim was a 35-year-old woman who was in a bathroom stall when “she saw a bag moved toward her under the stall divider.” Rodriguez had been filming her, say police.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

Apparently, when the victim rushed out of the stall to confront the man, he had already moved to another woman just one stall over. “The victim alerted the woman and then contacted mall security of the shopping center on 2700 block of Potomac Mills Circle in Woodbridge, Virginia,” noted NBC Washington.

Reports suspect that this was not Rodriguez’s first time peeping on women by dressing himself up as woman to enter a restroom; disturbingly, he likely spied on a 53-year-old woman in May of 2015 and a 35-year-old and her 5-year-old daughter back in October.

“Rodriguez, of Fredericksburg, was charged with three counts of unlawful filming of a non-consenting person and three counts of peeping,” reported NBC Washington.

But by all means, let’s continue to cast conservatives as bigots for caring about privacy or having concerns about the exploitation of transgender laws and guidelines by sexual predators.

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