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Leftists Sure Hate Melania Trump’s Classy Christmas Decor

Earlier this week, First Lady Melania Trump unveiled her classy vision for the White House Christmas decor this year. Reportedly involved with “every detail,” the theme she had in mind for her husband’s first round as president during the most wonderful time of the year was “Time-Honored Traditions.”

The photos of Lady Trump waltzing through the White House corridors amidst snow-covered Christmas trees in her caped Christian Dior dress did not disappoint. Melania simply looked stunning, and contrary to what the press was saying, she looked well at home in her role as First Lady, welcoming children with warm hugs and helping to make their seasons bright with some Christmas arts and crafts. One child reportedly said, “She looks like an angel.” This video does her tastes justice:

Needless to say, the Left does not exactly share the First Lady’s eye for design. Here’s how the Daily Beast summed it up:

Melania revealed her White House holiday decorations, floating through the East Wing in all white like a distressed spirit trapped between worlds. She glided past a bloodless White House replica done all up in white chocolate, past ballerinas in all white; she hovered down a corridor flanked with long white branches reminiscent of extremities stripped of their flesh, reaching for something both upward and inward. The branches were lit from below as though fleeing subterranean heat, like grasping hands emerging from graves, crops killed instantly in a flash freeze. For the first time in half a century, the creepiest thing about the East Wing wasn’t the gauzy, eerie portrait of Jackie Kennedy.

Leftists quickly took to the Twitterverse to echo the Daily Beast’s sentiment.

One particular photo circulating of the White House East Wing lined with white cranberry trees made it look as if the First Lady had gotten her inspiration from Tim Burton’s nightmares:

Far from the nightmarish hellscape envisioned above, here’s how the dreamlike hallway, inspired by Nancy Reagan, actually looks:

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Comparisons to Melania ranged from demonic witch to creepy stalker: