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Leftist Outlet Complains About ‘Brown Men Falling In Love With White Women’ On TV. The KKK Agrees.

For centuries, one of the great fears from racists was the specter of interracial relationships. Racists in the post-Civil War era worked strenuously to enshrine anti-miscegenation laws. The 1921 Constitution and Laws of the Ku Klux Klan called for adherents to “avow the distinction between the races”; the infamously racist Birth of a Nation was based on the fear of the rape of white women by black men; modern era KKK fliers complain about “THE ULTIMATE ABOMINATION … miscegenation, which decrees the death of a Race … Race-mixing is against God’s law.”

This sort of disgusting propaganda has, thank God, fallen out of fashion.

Ben Shapiro
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