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Leftist Network BLASTS Democrats: ESPN Host Declares Every ‘City In America’ a ‘Racist City’

Per left-wing ESPN, the bluest most Democrat parts of America are racist.

Who knew?

Adam Jones, an outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles, was pelted in Boston’s Fenway Park Saturday with a bag of peanuts. Worse still, according to USA Today, from the cheap seats, some Boston Red Sox fans hurled racial taunts at the black outfielder, including the N-word. Despicable and outrageous behavior. But because ESPN appears desperate to increase its near-fatal financial and ratings woes, condemning what happened wasn’t enough.

Oh, no, every city in America must now be smeared as a “racist city.”

Michael Smith was not even a guest on ESPN. He is co-host of the ailing network’s “SC6,” and an apology from the Red Sox organization and Boston’s Democrat mayor were not enough for Smith. Instead, he launched into a lengthy tirade that condemned every city in America — the most left-wing parts of our country, by the way — as racist:

Why does it take such an extreme act of obvious racism and bigotry to get people sickened and disgusted? You want to know why in 2017 this still happens? It’s because we don’t recognize racism when it’s in our face every day. It’s because the nuanced, subtle, beneath the surface racism every day is argued and shut down because we’re in a “post-racial society,” because we’re past that.

But let somebody say the n-word — “Oh, this is disgusting.” What about the people that think it every day, that act on it every day in policy and practice that are saying it, maybe not to players on the field, but are saying it to other patrons in the parks or when they go outside in the streets.

When you say this is not when we’re about, we’re better than this if you are a city in America, you are a racist city. That’s who we are as a society still and unless until people come to grips and get comfortable with discussing every day day-to-day racism and bigotry, not just the n-word or not just throwing a banana on the field or peanuts on the field, we [are going to] still spin our wheels when it comes to this conversation.

In the city of Boston, Hillary Clinton won 217,000 votes to President Trump’s 38,000. Because I went to public schools, I don’t know what the percentage is, but that seems pretty lopsided.

Oh, and Boston has not had a Republican mayor since 1930.

But Smith didn’t just condemn the city of Boston, oh-noes, he condemned every “city in America.” But who populates those cities and does so by overwhelming margins, margins that range as high as 93% to a still impressive 69%?



Hillary supporters!

Obama supporters!

Maybe Michael Smith has not forgotten, as so many others have, that it was Democrats who had their slaves taken away by Republicans after the Civil War, that it was Democrats who started the Ku Klux Klan, that it was Democrats who created the Jim Crow South and fought against de-segregation. Maybe Michael Smith has not forgotten that it is Democrats today who refuse to give poor, inner-city black children a private school voucher and still oppose school integration; that it is Democrat-run media outlets like CNN that gin up the riots (based on lies) that destroy working class black neighborhoods.

If we are to believe ESPN, if every city in America is indeed racist, let us never forget who runs and populates those cities, and has done so for decades.

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