LEFTIST MORALITY: Media Blur Out Hero’s Trump T-Shirt, Ignore Kaepernick’s Cop-Pig Socks


If you ever wanted proof the left hates Republicans, it came in the form of a CNN Headline News decision late yesterday. A man named Steven Eckel saved a baby from being trapped in a hot car, breaking a window to do so. During his interview, he wore a Trump 2016 t-shirt. The network couldn’t do anything about that at the time.

But when they rebroadcast the interview, they blurred out the Trump logo.

That’s fairly typical for a media intent on casting every Trump supporter as an evil pile of human excrement.

Meanwhile, the media continue to celebrate 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who donned a different sort of apparel in practice: socks that depict cops as pigs. But he’s the bravest, most wonderful, most brilliant racial spokesperson in America, and we must all pay homage to his intellect and courage.

No wonder college students across America feel “triggered” by Trump 2016 chalkings but have no problem slandering cops: they’re learning it from the older generation in media.

And that’s the point: those who disagree politically with the left must be castigated. And if an eminently good person openly disagrees with the left, the left will simply excise their politics from the equation. Thus, the Trump supporter who saves a baby from death inside a burning hot car becomes just another kind-hearted fellow with unknown politics.

If you agree with the left, however, they’ll ignore your nastiness – you’ll become a civil rights spokesperson, and we’ll simply overlook the fact that you’re viciously anti-cop.

Thus the left’s moral juggernaut chugs ever forward, turning right-wingers into enemies and left-wing radicals into friendly faces. No wonder Republicans are always fighting an uphill battle in the public mind – members of the public have never seen a nice, decent Republican, since the media simply memory-holes them.

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