Left Tries To Rewrite Story Of Saint Michael Brown. They’re Lying Again.


On Wednesday, Michael Harriot of TheRoot.com ran a shocking piece titled, “Everything You Think You Know About The Death of Mike Brown Is Wrong, and the Man Who Killed Him Admits It.” Provocative! Sally Kohn of CNN, she of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” fame, tweeted out the article with this caption:

All of which means that you’d think the article would substantiate its headline. After all, most people think that Michael Brown attacked a police officer, Darren Wilson, inside his vehicle after being pulled over, then tried to grab the officer’s gun, then ran when a shot was fired in the car before turning around, charging the officer, and being shot.

That’s what witness testimony said.


So what did Officer Wilson say that changed everything?

According to TheRoot.com, reporting on a court document originally obtained by Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post – a fellow who, by the way, reported in laudatory terms about the unrest in Ferguson at the time – Wilson stated that he reached through the window of his car and grabbed for Brown’s body during the encounter. Of course, Wilson never said anything different. He always maintained that Brown punched him in the face, at which point he grabbed at Brown as Brown leaned into the car; he pulled his gun, Brown attempted to grab his gun, he fired his gun, and the rest of the events ensued.

But here’s how TheRoot describes it:

Two men are walking down the street. A cop pulls in front of them, blocking their path. Instead of calling for backup or radioing in a traffic stop, he opens his car door and either Brown closes it or it ricochets off of Brown’s body. The officer then chooses to reach through his window and grab the suspect by his arm and body…. Wilson had a gun, and Brown is hanging inside the car. Brown does not reach for the officer’s gun, and the cop admits that Brown’s only weapon was his big scary, black self…. The next part of the testimony will confound the conservatives who stated that Wilson did not shoot Brown in the back. Wilson admits that after the first shot, Brown started running away from him and he fired another shot, which missed Brown. Wilson basically admits that he fired at Brown and the bullet hit a building close by.

Then TheRoot alleges that Wilson admits to having used the n-word. Other headlines have repeated this. They neglect to mention that Wilson explicitly says he only used the n-word in order to repeat “a racist remark made by someone else, but I have not made a racist remark against another individual while on duty as a police officer.” Oops.

But what about the rest of this narrative?

It’s just not true. Wilson doesn’t admit any of that, as Lowery himself tweeted.

Lowery is honest, and reports this correctly. Having read the entire document, it’s clear that TheRoot – and by proxy, Kohn – are confabulating Wilson’s testimony into a story of their own making, a narrative repeatedly debunked by third party witnesses and the Department of Justice itself, which found no wrongdoing by Wilson.

This is how leftist narratives spread. And there will be violence spurred by such narratives, because the hard left likes its riots, just so long as the riots are aimed at the “establishment” – meaning, in this case, the cops.

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