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The Left Is Celebrating Michael Brown Again. Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know.

By  Ben Shapiro

The left will never let its myths die.

Today, #MikeBrown trended on Twitter. Not because the assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors got a new contract. No, it’s because Michael Brown – St. Michael of the Gentle Giantedness – died two years ago today. This, of course, means that the media must rehash their utter lie that Brown was a wonderful young man shot in cold blood by an evil white cop, all the while shouting “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

That’s all nonsense.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Brown Was a Criminal. Brown strong-arm robbed a convenience store moments before he was pulled over by Officer Darren Wilson, along with his buddy, Dorian Johnson. But don’t worry: he was an innocent young man just minding his own business.

2. Brown Attacked A Police Officer. After being pulled over, Brown leaned into Wilson’s window and punched him in the face. He then reached over to Wilson’s gun and attempted to grab it. When the gun went off, he took off and ran.

3. Brown Charged A Police Officer. After Wilson popped out of the car and told Brown to freeze, Brown turned around and charged the officer before Wilson shot him to death.

4. Dorian Johnson Lied. Brown never said “hands up, don’t shoot.” He never even held his hands up, by both witness and forensic testimony. He certainly didn’t surrender to Wilson.

5. Members of The Ferguson Black Community Pressured Witnesses To Shut Up Or Lie. President Obama maintained that “this is not just an issue in Ferguson, this is an issue for America…there are problems and communities of color aren’t just making these problems up.” Except that the community of color in Ferguson threatened witnesses who contradicted the narrative. One witness told the police that threats were made to witnesses; another admitted that witnesses were embellishing testimony. 12 witnesses outright lied that Wilson shot Brown from behind.

6. The Media Tried To Turn The Incident Racial. There was no evidence whatsoever that Wilson shot Brown for any reason other than threat to his life. The Eric Holder racialist Justice Department found that there was no rationale for any sort of federal prosecution of Wilson.

7. None Of That Mattered. The media decided that the narrative of an innocent black man shot for no reason by a white officer had to stand. They then justified the riots in Ferguson based on that lie. Barack Obama used it as an opportunity to press forward his racialist agenda. The Black Lives Matter launched itself on the back of a lie.

And so here we are, two years later, and the left still pushes its lies. Because, after all, the myth must be created – and it must be created in controversy, so as to craft the perception that America is deeply divided on racial issues. It would have been easier for the BLM movement to pick a better example (Laquan MacDonald, perhaps?) but instead they picked a poor one – purposefully. They did so because first, they don’t care about facts, and second, they needed opposition in order to pretend that Americans are racists.

Nonetheless, facts matter. Michael Brown was a criminal who tried to kill a cop. The cop killed him instead.

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