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Leaked Memo: Hillary Camp Scripted ENTIRE Steve Harvey Appearance With Show’s Help

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

According to a leaked memo obtained by The Washington Free Beacon, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is even more robotic than we all thought, apparently needing hard-hitting questions, such as her pizza preference, prior to a daytime talk show interview.

The memo dated February 17, 2016, obtained through, reveals that the Hillary campaign coordinated with Steve Harvey Show producers to script the her entire February appearance. Not only did Hillary’s staffers “coordinate closely with the show’s producers on the script and format of the show,” but Hillary was given every single question in advance, to which her staffers provided detailed answers for her, while offering small reminders, like that she is a “Christian.” You know, things that commonly slip people’s minds.

“Steve is known to be a host who goes out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable,” reads an email from two top Hillary staffers, addressed to Hillary. “We coordinated closely with the show’s producers on the script and format of the show.”

Attached to the email was a list of questions, answers and segments, all in the exact order of the show’s progression.

After Hillary is given a word-for-word question from a “random” audience member, and provided a detailed answer of course, Segment 2 includes Hillary’s introduction with Harvey, where she is prepped about a question about her pizza preference. She’s even provided a possible “follow-up” question about hot sauce. Seriously.

Other questions hit on Hillary’s granddaughter, her campaign’s “great start,” racial issues in America and her support for gun control.

“Race is such a hot button issue in America right now, we tackle it often here. How would YOU better bridge racial divides?” was another word-for-word provided question to Hillary.

And here’s Harvey asking it, at the exact moment he promised he would:

Show producers and the Hillary camp also agreed to the “structure of a segment that would explore Clinton’s biography and achievements.”

“During this segment Steve will take a trip down memory lane with YOU to talk about the different moments of YOUR life displayed in the photographs below,” says the memo, above the actual photos Harvey showed, captions included.

During this particular segment, a “surprised” Hillary gasps, “Oh boy. Oh my goodness.”

“Harvey also filmed segments for a special on the Flint water crisis that would air about four weeks later during the same taping session. Once again, Clinton was briefed ahead of time on the questions that Harvey would ask, including one on her February visit to the Michigan city and on efforts to address crime and joblessness,” notes The Washington Free Beacon.

According to the memo, the goal of the appearance was to reach out to the black community and females.

“The purpose of this interview is to reach African American and women voters. We reached out to the show because it is the most watched TV show for African Americans in the United States. Steve’s show averages 2.6 million viewers daily and has a significant social media following. His main demographic is women ages 25-54,” states the memo.

Harvey endorsed Hillary one week after her appearance.

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