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Lady Gaga After Riots: ‘I Hope We Focus To Impeach Trump’
US singer Lady Gaga performs prior to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaking during a Drive-In Rally at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on November 2, 2020.
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

After the riots on Capitol Hill Wednesday, the celebrity class, most of whom either ignored or encouraged the BLM violence that pervaded throughout the summer, have been calling for President Trump’s impeachment.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, singer Lady Gaga, who previously said that the mere act of being born in this country is to “drink the poison that is white supremacy,” called for the impeachment of Trump so that he can never run for the highest office again.

“I hope we focus to impeach Trump so Congress has the constitutional authority to possibly disqualify him from future election—the #25thAmendment doesn’t disqualify him. He incited domestic terror—how much more violence needs to happen? This is terrorism,” she wrote.

Gaga earlier claimed that the rioters at Capitol Hill were somehow treated differently because they were white, even though an unarmed woman was shot and killed.

“I believe the change that so many wish for exists in the work of Black Women activating Georgia. White Supremacy responded as it does often with little repercussions, like on 1/6/21. But this will not undo their work,” she said.

As reported by Fox News, actors “George Takei, Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, Debra Messing and Mark Ruffalo on Wednesday demanded Trump be impeached or removed from office.”

This past September, after rioters operating in the name of Black Lives Matter burned down public buildings and looted private businesses throughout the country, Lady Gaga said she had been ingrained with white supremacy at birth.

“I am in the process of learning and unlearning things I’ve been taught my whole life,” she said. “When you’re born in this country, we all drink the poison that is white supremacy. Social justice is not just a literacy, it’s a lifestyle.”

While some celebrities and Democrats have floated the possibility of impeaching President Trump, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) denounced such an effort as something that will further drive a wedge through an already divided country.

“Let me be very clear: the violence, destruction, and chaos that unfolded at the Capitol on Wednesday was unacceptable, undemocratic, and un-American. When I spoke to President Trump on Wednesday, I told him he had a great responsibility to intervene to quell the mob and start the healing process for our country. Over the coming weeks we will work with law enforcement to bring anyone responsible for the violence to justice. Lawlessness and extremism have no place in our way of life,” said McCarthy in a statement.

“Our country is not just divided. We are deeply hurt. The task ahead for the next Congress and incoming Biden Administration couldn’t be more momentous. But to deliver a better America for all, partisans of all stripes first must unite as Americans and show our country that a peaceful transition of power has occurred. Impeaching the President with just 12 days left in his term will only divide our country more,” he continued. “I have reached out to President-elect Biden today and plan to speak to him about how we must work together to lower the temperature and unite the country to solve America’s challenges. The coronavirus is still coursing through our communities, businesses and workers are facing unprecedented stress, and children are falling behind. Threats from adversaries such as Russia, China, and Iran are increasing. As leaders, we must call on our better angels and refocus our efforts on working directly for the American people. United we can deliver the peace, strength, and prosperity our country needs. Divided, we will fail.”

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