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Labor Unions Issue Brutal Wake-Up Call To Democrats

According to a new report from the Associated Press, many labor unions — longtime bulwarks of the Democratic Party political coalition — are increasingly unhappy with the Democrats’ hard shift toward the intersectional cultural Left. Instead, these unions would prefer that Democrats return to their erstwhile bread-and-butter economic issues.

Per the Associated Press:

Ardently liberal, pro-labor and anti-corporate cash, the field of Democrats running for president may look like a union activist’s dream. But some key labor leaders are starting to worry about the topics dominating the 2020 conversation.

The candidates are spending too much time talking about esoteric issues like the Senate filibuster and the composition of the Supreme Court and not enough time speaking the language of workers, several union officials said. Those ideas may excite progressive activists, they said, but they risk alienating working-class voters.

“They’ve got to pay attention to kitchen table economics,” said Ted Pappageorge, president of the Las Vegas Culinary Union that represents 60,000 hotel and casino workers. “We don’t quite see that.”

“The people that are into politics, the people who like sideshows, they’re into that,” the report quotes Terry McGowan, president of Wisconsin’s International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139, as saying. “The masses just want to feed their families.”

The report also highlights the tensions between traditional Democratic blocs, such as steel worker unions, and the ascendant hardline environmentalist/enviro-statist wing of the Democratic Party — a wing perhaps best exemplified by socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) recently unveiled “Green New Deal,” which Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro has excoriated as “one of the stupidest documents ever written”:

Ken Broadbent, business manager of the Pittsburgh-based Steamfitters Local 449, worried that Democrats are too focused on environmental plans like the Green New Deal, a blueprint for shifting the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels, and will neglect the importance of swing state Pennsylvania’s rich natural gas deposits in creating jobs.

“Jobs is where we’ve got to keep things focused,” Broadbent said.

Notably, former Vice President Joe Biden, who appears to be gearing up for a 2020 presidential run of his own, has a long history of catering to the interests of labor unions.

Indeed, it appears that all may not be lost for labor unions. The current leading contender for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination, according to current polling, is Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — an open socialist who similarly has a long history of taking pro-union, anti-business policy stances. In a Daily Wire op-ed last month, I predicted that the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination will come down to Sanders’ Marxism versus Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) intersectionality:

That leaves Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris. Bernie, the Sandinista-supporting, “hammer and sickle” flag-waving, Soviet Union-honeymooning Marxist, will take on the heir apparent to Barack Obama’s identity politics coalition of variegated aggrieved interest groups. It will be a battle royale for the heart and soul of the Left. The Orwellian “economic justice” class warfare wing will go to battle against the Orwellian “social justice” identitarian warfare wing. Democratic voters will have to assess whether they care more about economically totalitarian illiteracy or intellectually totalitarian crass divisiveness. What a choice!

Whereas the Clintonian establishment might have once been able to field a formidable challenger, the modern Democratic Party has long since crossed the Rubicon whereby its inmates are running the asylum. This is a political party, after all, that refuses to condemn (actual) infanticide, refuses to confront (actual) Jew-hatred, and ardently promotes incoherent, money-grows-on-trees proposals that seek an end to the dreaded scourge of bovine flatulence.

This is the modern Democratic Party.

We know which way most labor unions would lean in that hypothetical one-on-one matchup.