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LA DA Responds After Husband Points Gun At Black Lives Matter Protesters: ‘Our Home Is Our Sanctuary’
VAN NUYS- SEPTEMBER 17 2014: District Attorney Jackie Lacey speaks during a press conference in front of Van Nuys Superior Court to announce a pilot mental-health diversion program September 17 2014 in Van Nuys. The Los Angeles County Third District Diversion and Alternative Sentencing Program will offer homeless and seriously mentally ill defendants a chance at services and housing as an alternative to jail.
Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey held a press conference on Monday to address an incident from that morning, during which her husband confronted a group of Black Lives Matter protesters gathered on the couple’s front porch. 

During the press conference, Lacey revealed that her husband was “profoundly sorry” for the way the situation unfolded, and that he “meant no one any harm.” Although no physical injuries have been reported, Lacey herself has apologized in case anyone was harmed by the incident. 

Lacey also revealed that protesters have been intimidating her in public and in private, including sending death threats, and have shown up at her home before. 

“Up until now, I have not really wanted to share with you what it’s been like,” said Lacey. “As District Attorney of LA County, I’ve received threats, some of them death threats. I have been followed, photographed while with my family, confronted at an art museum, confronted at fundraisers.”

“All of this is because I chose to do my job,” said Lacey. “We expect that people will exercise their First Amendment right. But our home is our sanctuary, and we do not believe I do not believe it is fair or right for protesters to show up at the homes of people who dedicate their lives to public service.”

“I don’t think you ever get used to anybody coming to your house. It was frightening,” said Lacey. “I deal with this in a calm manner so people think that I’m used to it. Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m not.”

As The Daily Wire previously reported, David Lacey pointed a gun at a small group of protesters who showed on his front porch. The protesters allegedly wanted to have a conversation with the district attorney. The dialogue went like this: 

MAN: Right now, get off!

WOMAN: Good morning. 

MAN: Get off of my porch. 

WOMAN: Are you going to shoot me?

MAN: I will shoot you, get off of my porch. 

WOMAN: Can you tell Jackie Lacey that we’re here. 

MAN: I don’t care who you are, get off of my porch, right now.

WOMAN: [unintelligible]

MAN: We’re calling the police right now. 

WOMAN: Good. 

Melina Abdullah, a professor of Pan-African studies at California State University, Los Angeles, posted a partial clip of the interaction on Twitter, and told NBC News that she backed away after David Lacey pointed at gun at her chest.

Abdullah has also accused Lacey of not keeping a promise to host a community meeting with Black Lives Matter activists. During the press conference, Lacey affirmed that she has been willing to meet with BLM activists, but that the group only wants large events, not small gatherings or one-on-one meetings. 

“It seems like what they like is to embarrass me and intimidate me,” said Lacey. “My hope is that one day that might change. That maybe, just maybe, if I keep reaching out, that someone will want to sit down and have a conversation that’s productive.”

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