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TAKE THAT, PATRIARCHY: Feminists Go Topless For ‘Equality.’ Men Take Photos.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Sunday, liberal cities were flooded with feminists seeking nipple equality(?) for the annual so-called “Go Topless Day” parades.

Some male allies were in the mix, to offer their support and definitely not to ogle the many bare-breasted women they are trying to score with, while others stood along the perimeter of the parades with cellphone in-hand snapping as many photos as their iPhone storage could hold.

Take that, patriarchy!

Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Denver were overrun with the topless women, most decorated with nipple pasties or body paint, demanding their right to go fully topless in public like men. As noted by The Daily Mail, there were also Go Topless Day events held abroad in Germany, South Korea, and Chile.

As women walked with exposed breasts and carried signs that said, “It’s boobs, not bombs!” and “War is indecent, not my breasts,” crowds largely comprised of men took photos and videos of the women. In one video of a New York City Go Topless Day parade, for example, police officers manning the event can be heard repeatedly telling the onlookers snapping photos to move away if they do not have press credentials.

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As noted by GoTopless.org, the annual event “falls precisely” on Women’s Equality Day.

“It is indeed on Aug 26, 1920 that women earned their right to vote on the basis of Gender Equality. In 1971, the US Congress has made Aug 26 into a nationally recognized date and named it ‘Women’s Equality Day’. The president of the United States is summoned to commemorate this date each year,” says the site, adding, “It is only logical that GoTopless Day protests (or celebrations depending on the legal status of your city) would fall on Women’s Equality Day since the right to go topless for women is based on gender equality as their right to vote once was.”

If you’d like to know if your city participated in the events, you can check out their “Boob Map.” (Seriously.)

We’ve come a long way, baby.

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