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KNOWLES: Here’s How Trump Can Crack The Left’s Gender Ideology

By  Michael

Michael Knowles discusses the Left’s radical approach to gender ideology and offers his idea on how the Right, and specifically President Donald Trump, can combat this on a practical level on Tuesday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show.” Transcript and video below.

I think I figured out the only way to crack up the Left’s ridiculous gender ideology, all these stupid pronoun battles in the bathrooms and all that. Before Trump leaves office, for just one day, President Trump needs to identify as a woman, Donna Trump, for one day. There are only two possible consequences of this, either the Left will have to admit the absurdity of gender ideology and transgenderism, or the Left will have to celebrate Donald Trump as the first woman president. Beat Hillary to it. Beat Amy Klobuchar, beat Kamala Harris, beat Liz Warren. Donna Trump, that’s what we’ll call him for that one day. Donna Trump will become the first woman president. If he remains married to Melania, he will be the first gay president, not just the first gay president, the first lesbian president. Not just the first lesbian president, the first gay, married, lesbian president married to an immigrant! It will be a glorious moment.

Now you say, “That’s okay, that’s a funny line, whatever.” First of all, if any president were gonna do this it would be Donald Trump, the greatest troll ever to occupy that office. But why wouldn’t he do it? Let’s say he does it, obviously he says I’m a woman today, I issue an executive proclamation I am a woman and I will go by Donna, what is the left gonna do? They’ll say, “No, you’re not.” Yeah, well he could say, “How dare you, how dare you assume my gender?” They say, “Yeah well, you’re just not really a woman.” Trump can say, “Did you say that to Caitlyn Jenner? Did you say that to all these transgender athletes, they’re transgender, they’re men who are pretending to be women who are beating all the women in these competitions, how dare you?” Then they’ll say, “Well okay, okay, let’s say we grant that you’re a woman, you’re not the first woman president.” “So are you saying that transgender women are not real women?” “Well gosh, I guess that is sort of what I’m saying.”

The best part is, the way they define it, gender is fluid. You can just identify as a woman, then the next day you can go right back to being Donald. But for just one day, that’s all it takes to become the first woman president, the first lesbian president, the first lesbian gay woman president married to a. immigrant, that’s all it takes is one day and if he does that for one day, I don’t care how it turns out, either gender ideology falls apart because it’s absurd or Donald Trump goes down in the history books as the first woman president it is a win-win. President Trump is really good at win-wins, he’s really good at wedge issues, he’s really good at driving a wedge between the Socialists of the Democrat Party and the establishment of the Democrat Party which doesn’t want to use that word. He did it at the State of the Union, he split AOC and all those people from Nancy Pelosi and all of those people, he’s really good at driving a wedge between the pro-worker, blue-collar Democrats and the globalist neoliberal Democrats. That was basically the story of the 2016 election, and now he could drive a wedge between the transgender supporters and the feminists, the people who say gender doesn’t mean anything, men can define womanhood because it’s not a real thing, and the feminists who say no, no, no, womanhood is a real category, women have been historically put upon and we need to focus on that category which is innate and immutable.’

President Trump, he could do it in just one day, and what is there to lose? The next day he goes back to Donald, it would be a glorious troll and a very important and instructive reckoning for a nihilist deconstructive ideology of gender that truly does threaten the soundness of our republic, it threatens our logic and our thinking. Donna, you got my vote, I can’t wait till you’re the first woman president.

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