KLAVAN: We Are Watching The Death Of Leftist Culture

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There could not have been a more perfect illustration of the suffocating awfulness of leftist culture than one moment in this year’s Emmy’s award show. “Black-ish” actor Anthony Anderson delivered a painfully unfunny rant about black victimhood and then demanded that a clearly uncomfortable host Jimmy Kimmel shout the name of Marxist extremist organization Black Lives Matter, “Louder, Jimmy, louder!” Which Kimmel obediently did.

This is the same Kimmel who used to host “The Man Show,” a rollicking, politically incorrect display of mock-macho goofiness featuring large-breasted girls jumping on trampolines, and jokes like, “We have a serious problem in this country. Her name is Oprah. She’s got women brainwashed. She’s telling them what to do. We’re the ones who are supposed to be telling them what to do, right?”

I guess now, after publicly surrendering his testicles to BLM, he’ll have to host the “Unmanned Show,” featuring yet another of his teary-eyed no-laugh monologues about how much he cares about … whatever he’s been told to care about this week.

Compare this to the other erstwhile host of “The Man Show,” Adam Carolla. Carolla, with his up-yours libertarian attitude, turned his back on Hollywood, took his manhood and went home. He now produces one of the most popular podcasts in the country while publishing bestselling books with Man Show-style titles like “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.” Also, he’s still funny.

In other words, you can be a strong, independent, politically incorrect, red-blooded American male with a mind of your own, or you can have a network show — but you can’t do both. The big entertainment corporations want you cringing, wheedling, begging forgiveness of whomever the latest left-wing victim class happens to be, and toeing the political line.

Leftist culture is spiritual castration and mental slavery.

That’s why it’s dying. The movie business has been virtually shut down during the pandemic. Does anyone care? I don’t think so. The movies have died of leftism. The long decline of broadcast television has been temporarily halted by the pandemic, but even the lockdown spike can’t bring ratings anywhere near their glory days in the far-off nineties.

Sports viewership should be exploding during this time, but it’s limping along at best. Why? Well, I — a major NFL fan — will not watch a single game until every one of those spoiled brats stops disrespecting the flag. And I’ll bet I’m not alone.

What we are looking at, I believe, is the death of leftist culture. The riots in the streets. The po-faced dishonesty of the news media. The hysterical political strategies of hoax scandals and baseless impeachments. The racial pathology of mainstream liberals and corporations. These are not signs of strength. They are signs of weakness, emptiness, and collapse. They are all that remains when you can no longer convince people to buy into your lousy ideas.

For decades, the Left has owned the academy, the news media, and the entertainment industry. These are three areas where bad ideas can be nurtured under fantastical hothouse conditions without being tested in the harsher atmosphere of reality. Tyranny thrives in the hothouse. In reality: not so much.

The preaching of radical Islam may have sounded great in the mosques, but the rule of the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq was a nightmare of savagery, poverty, and endless warfare. Likewise, the high-minded theories of socialism always ensorcell the minds of the idealistic young, but the truth of socialism is poverty and oppression—not just sometimes, but all the time, everywhere it’s tried.

Likewise, once the American Left left the colleges and the movie screens and took to the streets in the form of BLM and Antifa thugs, once they seized their CHAZes and their CHOPs, they turned every area they controlled into a graffiti-covered hellhole of bullying violence.

Jimmy Kimmel can shout as loud as they make him shout. We see who the Left is.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has done more to turn the cultural tide than any Republican since Reagan. He denounces the press. He battles the sports leagues. He’s waging war on the philosophical atrocity of critical race theory in schools. The bumptious pugilism that makes his critics reel is paying off in fearless defiance of the Left’s cultural hegemony.

All of this has created a moment of opportunity. We on the right have whined about leftist culture long enough. This is the time for those who believe in freedom to freely create a culture of our own. If we build it, the people will come.

We have the talent. We have the will. I wonder if we have the courage.

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