KLAVAN: The Weird Silence Of The Democrats

Television screens airing the first presidential debate are seen at Walters Sports Bar on September 29, 2020 in Washington, United States.
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The strangest thing about Joe Biden’s campaign for the presidency is its weird areas of silence, the issues that no one is talking about.

This goes beyond the lies-by-omission of our now completely corrupt and degraded news media. At this point, none of us expects our so-called journalists to cover Biden honestly, to speak of his clearly failing faculties, to explore his role in Obamagate—the greatest political scandal in a generation—to plumb the suspicious dealings of his son Hunter or find out why Obama’s former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the former Veep “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” No one even expects these useless scoundrels with press passes to insist that Biden tell us whether he will try to pack the Supreme Court after he gets elected. “You’ll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over,” Biden said the other day. And “Yap yap yap,” answered the poodles of the press.

But while the silence of what used to be journalism is disturbing, we’re used to it by now. We’ve learned that Donald Trump is precisely correct when he called corporate reporters “enemies of the people,” and “fake news.”

What is really strange, however, is what the Democrats themselves aren’t discussing. After all, this is it, the big fight for the big prize. If they’ve got mud to throw at Donald Trump, now is the time to throw it. Even if the ticket doesn’t want to do the dirty work themselves, they can always have their surrogates and spokesmen do it for them. Why not? Those surrogates include George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd, Nora O’Donnell, and the entire staff of The New York Times. It wouldn’t be hard for them to get the word out.

And yet, there has not been one mention of the horrific scandal of Donald Trump’s phone call to the president of the Ukraine. The Democrats didn’t even talk about it during their convention. How strange is that? After all, this was wrongdoing so evil that the Democrats brought the business of the country to a standstill in order to impeach the president for only the third time in our history. This was in December, too, when they could have been passing a law. Or debating an issue. Nancy Pelosi could have been in San Francisco, feeding the homeless who crowd the sidewalks of her district. But no. The mind-shattering fact that Donald Trump said something-something-something to the Ukrainian president was such an urgent matter that the anchors at CNN could not look serious enough when they told us how historic it was.

And yet—now, when you’d think the Democrats would want to remind us of that awful, awful scandal—crickets. Why, it’s almost as if they feel that it’s they who should be ashamed of their behavior during that time instead of Trump.

Same with the unthinkable crimes of Brett Kavanaugh. Not a word about them now. Yet back in September of 2018, Kavanaugh was accused of multiple acts of rape, including some casual gang rapes. As the election enters its final weeks, shouldn’t the Democrats be reminding voters that Donald Trump elevated this Hannibal Lecter character to the highest court in the land? Yet again—crickets. As if they’re the ones who acted badly instead of Trump and Kavanaugh.

There are still a few lunatic commentators who bring up Russian collusion now and then, but that’s gone kind of quiet too. As if the Democrats don’t want us to look too closely at just how that three-year farce actually came to be.

You know, a person with a less credulous, more cynical disposition than my sweet self might almost begin to think the Democrats had just wasted four years of our time, tax dollars and emotional energy on bupkis, that they’ve been terrorizing the nation instead of helping to govern it, and for no other reason than to regain power.

Not that they’ve stopped accusing Trump altogether, of course. They still say he called the pandemic a hoax. That he said there were fine people among the neo-Nazis. That he’s like a Nazi himself. They’re still lying, in other words. They just hope we’ll forget the fact that they’ve been lying all this time.

Really, there has been so much dishonesty, malfeasance, and pure treachery in the Democratic Party these past four years that exposing it would be a field day for journalists.

If there were journalists.

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