KLAVAN: The Fight Ahead

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My mind is on the fight ahead.

I’m more than willing to be astonished two weeks from now when Sidney Powell produces irrefutable proof in a court of law that a cabal of international leftists cyber-switched millions of votes from Trump to Biden. But no, I’m not expecting that to happen.

It could happen. Of course, it could. I certainly think the Trump team has the right to try it if they think they’ve got the goods. I don’t think they’re obligated to show the evidence before that to the public or Tucker Carlson or anyone else.

And I’m not at all swayed by the nonsense claims of the media that this was, for the first time in all of human history, an election without even a smidgeon of fraud. I get a laugh when the “journalists” who told me Donald Trump was a Russian spy and Brett Kavanaugh was a mass rapist look indignant and cry, “Why won’t you believe us???”

Our news media is trash. Their words are worth nothing.

Finally, I yawn extremely at complaints from the Left that Trump is putting our democracy at risk by making his legal play. Legal plays are part of our democracy. And I seem to remember some of these same Bozos pleading with electors to go faithless and vote for Hillary after Trump won the last election. Screw ‘em.

But so far, the evidence I’ve seen of a Big Steal isn’t convincing either. There’s no reason to believe Dominion software had any dealings with Smartmatic, the software company involved in a suspect Venezuelan election. Dominion has hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts that would disappear if they were shown to be cheating: a lot of incentives to play it straight. Most of the spikes in voting are easily explainable. And verifying votes by name isn’t possible anymore — it would be a violation of the secret ballot.

A hundred and fifty million people voted. Just in the nature of things, there are going to be thousands of cases of fraud and error, maybe tens of thousands. But it’s hard to believe they can prove enough cases in a court of law to change the outcome.

So my mind is on the fight ahead.

It’s a twofold fight. One, is the battle for the culture. The schools, from kindergarten up, have to be broken and reshaped. The news media has to be beaten and replaced. Entertainment has to be expanded to include the rest of us. The church has to be abandoned and reformed.

That’s a big job, a long game, but as I wrote last week, it’s already underway. Conservatives are finally awake to the need now. We’re in the right. If we show up, we can win.

Two, we have to stop the Great Reset. Go on the website of the World Economic Forum — those are the clowns at Davos who think they have the right to plan our future. They want to use the pandemic as an excuse to impose international socialism on us. They want to “steer the market toward fairer outcomes” by having governments coordinate their tax and regulatory policy. They want to “ensure that investments advance shared goals.” And they want to harness innovation to the “public good.”

Amazingly, it has never occurred to these geniuses to wonder if they have to right to steer the market anywhere or decide which goals we share or define the public good. It has never occurred to them to ask whether they have the capability to do those things. It has never occurred to them to ask if the people want them to.

We have to ask those questions. Then we have to write them down on paper. Then we have to jam the paper down these jackasses’ throats, kick them in the pants, and chase them off into oblivion.

This is the fight that’s going to define the century. It’s going to be worldwide, and it could get ugly. But it has to be won.

The first step is winning the Senate races in Georgia. The second is taking back the House in two years. Then we have to find someone with the guts and America First agenda of Trump, but the manners of a gentleman or lady and reclaim the presidency.

I’m sorry some people are angry at me for not buying the Big Steal scenario. Again, I’m open-minded, ready to be surprised. I’m just telling you how it looks right now.

And right now, the fight ahead is real. In Georgia, in Washington, in academia, in Hollywood, in Davos.

If you’re looking backward, you’re looking the wrong way.

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