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Kimmel: We Must Protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘At All Cost’

By  Paul Bois

Leftists have placed all their hopes for the Supreme Court onto the shoulders of a frail 85-year-old woman, whose potential death could send them into a panic.

Upon news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to be hospitalized this week following a bad fall that broke three ribs, leftists expressed terror that her time on the Supreme Court may be over. Jimmy Kimmel went as far to caution his viewers during his late-night show on Thursday night that they must “protect” the elderly justice “at all cost” so that she could stay on the Court “another 80 years.”

“For obvious reasons, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is someone we need to protect at all cost,” Jimmy Kimmel said on Thursday. “We need her to keep going for like another, maybe, 80 years.”

Keeping it light, Kimmel then joked about “Ruth Bader Gins-bubble” that would protect the woman from all harm, including grizzly bears.

“We’ve been developing this over the last year,” Kimmel continued. “We’re sending this to Washington to protect Justice Ginsburg from injuries, for criminals, from bears — this thing is actually grizzly bear-proof.”

“We are going to have to figure out the bathroom situation,” he added.

Not that Kimmel or anyone has anything to fear after Ginsburg’s fall. Reports now indicate that she is on her way to a full recovery.

“The last I heard she was up and working, of course, because what else would she be doing, and cracking jokes,” Kimmel said. “I can’t promise they were good jokes but they were jokes.”

The news of Ginsburg’s injury brought such distress to her supporters that they immediately began offering whatever rib or organ she needed to survive. Some of even offered to give their lives up to keep her safe.

“If Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs any of my bones or internal organs I don’t need mine,” said actress Leslie Grossman.

“I hereby donate all of my ribs and organs to Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” said journalist Lauren Duca.

“I will literally give 3 ribs to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg if she needs them, along with whichever other body parts she requires until 2020,” said activist and WaPo contributor Holly Figueroa O’Reilly.

According to the Associated Press, Ginsburg has had a history of health problems that she has overcome in recent years.

“Ginsburg has had a series of health problems,” reports AP. “She broke two ribs in a fall in 2012. She has had two prior bouts with cancer and had a stent implanted to open a blocked artery in 2014. She also was hospitalized after a bad reaction to medicine in 2009.”

At 85, Justice Ginsburg has made no plans to retire from her Supreme Court seat, which, if filled by a conservative, would dramatically alter the court’s makeup for decades to come. In the early Obama years, progressive activists were hoping she would announce her retirement so that the former president could replace her with an equally liberal judge. After the 2014 midterm, when Republicans took back the Senate, her retirement became all the less likely. Now that President Trump sits in the oval office and Republicans control the Senate, Ginsburg will likely stay on until well past 2020.

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