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Kathy Griffin: I ‘Stand By That Photo’ Of Trump’s Severed Head

After apologizing for her photo holding the severed head of President Trump, and then taking back that apology, comedienne Kathy Griffin now says she’s proud of the picture.

In a GQ roundtable discussion between fellow comedians about the line between an “offensive” joke and a joke that is just “pushing the boundaries,” Griffin lamented about how hard her life has been since she decided to pose for a photo in which she held President Trump’s bloodied, decapitated head.

“The s**t I’ve been through in the last year is just unbelievable,” she lamented.

Griffin now says that she will “stand by that photo” in the name of the First Amendment, even though her First Amendment rights were not violated.

“Initially I had so many mixed feelings, and there was so much legal stuff going around. But now I feel like I just think it’s important for me to stand by that photo just because of the First Amendment,” she said.

Griffin’s fellow panelists sympathized with her plight, just like they would sympathize with Samantha Bee using the word “c**t” towards Ivanka Trump. It is doubtful they would sympathize with comedian Dennis Miller if he held up a severed head of President Obama. The panel even congratulated Griffin for taking back her apology.

“The fundamental right that we’re allowed to do that in this country is a privilege worth fighting for, even if you disagree with the position itself,” said comedian Hasan Minhaj.

“That’s b——-. I don’t care what the joke is. You shouldn’t have to apologize.” said Roy Wood Jr.

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