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Kathleen Willey: Hillary’s Complicit In Bill Clinton’s Sexual Misconduct

Former President Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual assault, including rape, by a laundry list of women. His wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has largely escaped bad press from the mainstream media on the issue, even gaining in favorability during the explosion of the scandals in the 1990s, likely due to a sympathetic America.

But Kathleen Willey—a women who claims Bill forcibly groped and kissed her during a private meeting in 1993 while she was a volunteer White House aide—like other female accusers, is speaking out about Hillary’s role in the sexual misconduct, concluding that Hillary was complicit in Bill’s sexual assault by smearing and even threatening the many women who have been victimized by her husband.

“This [is] no longer about Bill Clinton’s transgressions or his infidelities or girlfriends or sex … it’s not about that anymore,” Willey told The Washington Examiner. “What it’s about is the actions that his wife has taken against the women that he has raped and assaulted.”

Caught up in the now famous Paula Jones assault case against the former president, which uncovered Bill’s consensual sexual relationship with young White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Willey says she was forced to come forward with her story.

“Matt Drudge got my name, because Paula Jones’ attorneys started looking for other women and I had told some people I trusted, and my name got out there,” Willey said, referring to massive media Drudge Report outlet. “I never had any intention of telling the story of what happened to me. I was forced to.”

After coming forward, the Clinton machine attempted to smear and discredit her, something Willey said she “knew” was going to happen.

“Willey said lawyers and ‘hired guns’ she believed to have been working for the Clintons tried to intimidate her into silence in the weeks before she testified in the Jones case, including by vandalizing her car and breaking into her home,” notes The Washington Examiner.

Willey is not the only alleged victim of the Clintons speaking out. Last month, alleged rape victim Juanita Broaddrick similarly told The Daily Wire that Hillary could not be separated from Bill’s transgressions.

Broaddrick claims Hillary threatened her into silence after Bill raped her, something Broaddrick says Hillary was well aware of.

The current Democratic nominee allegedly sought out Broaddrick at a political fundraiser some 40 years ago soon after Bill had raped her; Hillary grabbed her hand and “thanked her” for “everything” she had done for Bill. Feeling frightened, Broaddrick says she tried to turn around and leave, but Hillary allegedly squeezed her hand tighter and wouldn’t let her go.

Broaddrick told The Daily Wire that there was “no way” Hillary did not intend for that interaction to be construed as a threat.

“I felt like she knew [I was raped], it was just the look in her eyes and the anger on her face, because I was so afraid at that time of anyone knowing what had happened to me,” said Broaddrick.

“So many people have said since then that, ‘Maybe she just knew that you had been with him, maybe he hadn’t told her the complete description of what he’d done to you,’” she explained, “I still feel like she knew.”

Meanwhile, Hillary claims to be a champion for women, at one point explicitly stating that all sexual assault victims have the right to be “heard” and “believed,” a notion she would later conspicuously scrub from her website.

Willey, a supporter of Republican nominee Donald Trump supporter, told The Washington Examiner that she would campaign for the real estate mogul if asked to.