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REVEALED: Kanye West Is Watching Conservative Thinker Jordan Peterson’s Videos. Peterson’s Reaction Is Priceless.

A new tweet containing a video posted by Kanye West shows the rapper had his browser opened to a video by massively-influential conservative professor and speaker Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Here’s the tweet:

At the top left, a tab reads, “Why You Need Art in Your Life,” which is the title of a video of a Dr. Peterson lecture.

The Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay highlights the video title in the following tweet:

This is a tough break for the Left, recently crushed by West’s profession of “love” for President Donald Trump, whom they despise. Now West is listening to a thought-provoking values-centered professor who’s been known to advocate for freedom of thought and free speech — issues leftists are not exactly crazy about. Not to mention that Peterson first hit the media for pushing-back against the Left’s transgender ideology, an unspeakable sin to the Left.

Peterson’s response to the revelation that West is now watching his content was perfect. “First comedians, now rappers… My plan for world domination is preceding apace,” he quipped, likely to the horror of the collective Left.

The culture war is alive and well, my friends.