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Kanye West To Do Most Kanye West Thing Ever: Host Own Easter Service At Coachella

By  Paul

Yeezus is coming to Coachella, and there he will lead an Easter service in worship of the actual Jesus.

According to Laist, music icon Kanye West will be taking some of that dragon energy to the famed music festival where he will indeed be hosting his own Easter service.

“It’s a special edition of Sunday Service, the gospel-inspired series he’s been leading for the last few months,” reports Laist. “Each service features both new and old music, with a gospel choir backing it all up. Fans have been able to follow the action via Kim Kardashian West’s Instagram stories.”

This past Sunday, Kanye told the Sunday Service crowd how he decided upon Coachella as a forum to worship the risen Christ.

“We were out in Palm Springs and they took us to a little campground, because we were thinking about a little performance in Palm Springs, just a little one. Then they had a mountain, He had a mountain waiting for us,” Kanye said. “He had a date waiting for us. Only one date that mountain would be available to us: Easter Sunday at Coachella.”

Speaking with Elle, Kim Kardashian West said the service will consist of only music and will have no sermon, referring to it as a “healing experience.”

“I’m really excited for Kanye to perform Coachella,” said Kim. “It’s honestly more like a healing experience for my husband. It’s just music; there’s no sermon. It’s definitely something he believes in—Jesus—and there’s a Christian vibe. But there’s no preaching. It’s just a very spiritual Christian experience.”

Kim Kardashian added that people of all faiths are welcome, with previous services having been attended by Muslims, Jews, and other faiths. “Kourtney’s best friends come all the time and they’re Muslim,” she said. “All my Jewish friends came on Sunday; they loved it. Everyone that comes understands it’s just a really healing experience with an amazing choir, and amazing messages about love to start off your week.”

As noted by Laist, the event will happen only on the second weekend of the festival and is one time only. Previous Sunday Services by Kanye have typically been invite-only where celebrities like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been in attendance. Artists Ariana Grande, Zedd and Khalid will be on the lineup.

According to People, Kanye West announced the Coachella Easter service in a unique way: over the intercom of a privately chartered plane.

“Attention 737 passengers, we’d like to make an announcement that we just booked another show,” West said in a video posted to Twitter. “We will be doing Sunday Service sunrise at Coachella.”

Following the success of the song “Jesus Walks,” Kanye has maintained he believes in God and Jesus Christ. In 2014, while performing at a show in Australia, he proclaimed himself to be a “married, Christian man.”

“I’m not judging but I’m just going to tell you who I am. I’m a married, Christian man,” he told the crowd.

Following his support for President Trump, West also referred to himself as a proud Christian on Twitter. “We will change the world. God is on my side. I am a Christian. I am a tax payer. I am myself. God is with us,” he wrote.

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