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Kamala Harris Claims Trump Already Confessed To Impeachable Offense: ‘Dude Gotta Go’

By  Molly Prince
Kamala Harris speaks during the 2020 Gun Safety Forum
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) stated on Sunday that Congress’ impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump should not take an especially long time because he has already confessed to the necessary “high crimes and misdemeanors” outlined in the Constitution.

During an appearance at the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) presidential candidate forum in Altoona, Iowa, the California senator was asked, based on her previous experience as a prosecutor, if she would prosecute Trump for impeachment.

“Here’s the thing, I have been calling for the impeachment of this president for a long time and for the process to proceed. And based on everything I know, yes,” Harris responded. “Here is how I think about it, because we have got a confession and it don’t take a prosecutor to see that was a confession. I mean, we have a confession, we have a cover-up, right?”

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives announced in September that they would be moving forward with an impeachment inquiry. The move was in response to a whistleblower’s testimony accusing Trump of asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for using his position as vice president to remove a Ukrainian prosecutor who was looking into his son’s business dealings.

The reports were not confirmed at the time of the announcement, and it was not until a day later that the White House released a transcript of Trump’s exchange with Zelensky. After the transcript was made public, many have argued that it fails to show the direct quid pro quo agreement initially alleged. Democrats, however, have stood their ground on impeachment despite failing to formally vote on an impeachment inquiry or naming a “high crime or misdemeanor,” as required by the Constitution.

Harris further cited the Trump administration’s decision to store the president’s phone calls with foreign leaders in a classified system as evidence that the Trump administration meets the legal standard of consciousness of guilt. The White House, however, made the move to keep sensitive information from leaking, an issue that has been plaguing the administration.

“When people say, ‘Well, how long do you think this impeachment process is going to be?’ Well, it shouldn’t take very long because he did it out in the open,” Harris said. “And this is the thing, he told us who he is.”

“Remember when he was campaigning and he said ‘I can shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue’ — which is a very busy street in New York — ‘and get away with it?’ He told us that. So in his mind, I can do anything, including in the wide open, and get away with it,” she continued. “Well, on this he will not, because you know what? Dude gotta go. Dude gotta go. He gotta go. And this is the impeachment process.”

Harris’ claims come as the Democratic presidential hopeful has been struggling to gain traction in her bid for the oval office. Her fundraising has been stagnant, hitting around $12 million for a third quarter in a row, and she has been consistently slipping in the polls. Harris is polling at just under 5% on average, down from the double-digits she was receiving over the summer.

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