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Justice Ginsburg Says She Will Stay On SCOTUS Until 90

By  Kassy

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hopes to stay on the Supreme Court until the age of 90, giving her five more years.

According to CNN, Ginsberg made the remark after seeing “The Originalist,” a play about the late Justice Antonin Scalia, in New York.

“I’m not 85,” she said. “My senior colleague, Justice John Paul Stevens, he stepped down when he was 90, so I think I have about at least five more years.”

Despite the wishes of many Republicans to replace her with a conservative justice, Ginsburg has shown no signs of wishing to retire and already hired law clerks for the Supreme Court’s 2019-2020 season.

Ginsburg also gave her thoughts on term limits: “You can’t set term limits, because to do that you’d have to amend the Constitution,” adding, “Article 3 says … we hold our offices during good behavior.”

“And most judges are very well behaved,” she joked.

Ginsburg also spoke highly of Scalia in her remarks saying, “If I had my choice of dissenters when I was writing for the court, it would be Justice Scalia.” Despite their significant ideological differences, the two were good friends and she claims their debates would help form her arguments.

“Sometimes it was like a ping-pong game.”

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