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Joy Reid, Rick Wilson Laugh At ‘Dumb Ass’ Red State Americans
In this screengrab, Joy Reid speaks at the 33rd Gloria Awards: A Salute to Women of Vision - VIRTUAL EVENT on May 19, 2021 in New York City.
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MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Rick Wilson, a co-founder of the scandal-plagued Lincoln Project, took turns insulting Red State Americans on Monday night, calling any unvaccinated American “a dumb ass” and dreaming of putting Republicans under a glass dome to create “a dumb ass-tuary.”

Reid mused that Republicans hope to keep alive just enough conservative voters to “intimidate black voters and make sure they can’t vote.”

The name-calling session began as Wilson, co-founder of the anti-Republican organization beset by allegations that another of its co-founders sexually harassed young males, accused “Republican governors,” like Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott , of playing “stupid games” by allowing Americans fired for refusing to obey their employers’ vaccine mandates to collect unemployment benefits.

He then broadened his attacks to Americans who, he said, “didn’t take the responsible adult human step to get vaccinated.”

“I missed that part when I was a young man reading [William F.] Buckley [Jr.], and [Friedrich von] Hayek and [Russell] Kirk and all of the conservative greats — I missed the part about being a dumb ass when it comes to trying to save people’s lives,” Wilson said.

Reid laughed loudly at Wilson’s insult of Red State Americans.

Later in the show, Reid speculated about cordoning off Republicans’ stupidity from the rest of the nation in a macabre science experiment.

“It’s almost like if we had a dome over the United States, there’d be part of it that is like a dumb ass-tuary, right, where people are living in there, killing their own constituents, getting their own constituents sick, willing to let people die,” Reid said.

Wilson then burst out laughing.

“Is there any way to crack that little dumb ass-tuary and let some people out, or are they just going to stay in there, get sick, and maybe die?” she asked.

Wilson replied by calling Republican-led states like Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama — as well as Louisiana, which is governed by a pro-life Democrat — “basically Darwin’s waiting room. These people are gonna either decide they’re going to get vaccinated, or they’re going to continue to watch their friends and neighbors and their family members die off.”

He added they had been misled by Fox News, which he claimed was “an outright propaganda network against vaccination for months and months and months,” although the network produced public service announcements encouraging its viewers to get vaccinated. “Pain is the only teacher in politics, so you’re going to see states where people die off,” Wilson said.

Reid concluded the segment by playing the race card. “It’s their own voters, but I guess they figure there will be enough of them left to, like, watch the polls and intimidate black voters and make sure they can’t vote, and they figure that’s all they need,” she said.

The decision to call half of the electorate ignorant seemed like a flashback to last January, when Wilson and New York Times author Wajahat Ali joined CNN host Don Lemon to say that Trump voters are backwoods imbeciles who don’t know anything about “yer geography, and yer spellin’, and yer math, and yer readin’.” As Wilson and Ali poured on the insults, Lemon laughed until he cried, dabbing tears from his eyes. The Republican National Committee found the episode so condescending and elitist that they turned the segment into a campaign ad.

The Left’s decision to insult much of the country’s electorate harkens back to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 faux pas of revealing that she considered “half” of future President Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorables” and “irredeemable.”

Another moment of déjà vu came when Reid asked Dr. Anthony Fauci whether the Omicron variant or a successor mutation might become too impossible for vaccines to restrain — and had Dr. Fauci publicly rebuff her a second time.

“My team is sick of me saying this, but I’ve been likening the pandemic, this virus to like the alien in [the movie] ‘Aliens.’ Its whole goal is to jump into different people and mutate into different kinds of aliens,” she said. At some point, isn’t it true this thing is going to mutate to a kind of virus that we can’t stop with any vaccine or any treatment?”

“No,” replied Dr. Fauci flatly. “That would be really highly unlikely, Joy.

Reid previously asked Dr. Fauci the same question, nearly word-for-word, on the September 7 episode of “The ReidOut.” As this author reported at The Daily Wire:

Dr. Fauci did rebut one of Reid’s frequent fearmongering assertions: that the COVID-19 vaccination may not be able to protect against the virus’ variants.

“I have been likening it to like the movie ‘Aliens,’” Reid said. “Are you worried that we’re going to have a nightmare this winter, as these variants continue to evolve? Are we getting close to one that can beat all of our vaccines?”

“Well, I’m not saying we’re close to that, Joy. I think that would be a stretch to say that,” Dr. Fauci replied. “But I do say that there’s always the danger that that could happen.”

Interestingly, the MSNBC transcript of the episode has Fauci say, “I think that wouldn’t be a stretch to say that.” Video of the segment is below:

On Monday’s show, Reid also implied that President Donald Trump had been a “client” of Jeffrey Epstein.

“Jeffrey Epstein had a lot of information … including a lot of high-profile alleged clients’ names. Here’s one of them. Here’s Donald Trump.”

Epstein, who died in prison despite strict guarding procedures, had a painting of former President Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress. Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet, the Lolita Express, at least 26 times, according to an analysis of flight logs.

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