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Jorge Ramos Wants to Take Your Second Amendment Rights

By  Amanda

After the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, by two radical Islamic terrorists that left 14 dead and at least 20 injured, the left’s attempt to disarm the masses and strip the American people of one of their most basic rights of self defense has been put into overdrive.

Enter Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.

Ramos, who has dual citizenship in Mexico and America, has been one of the loudest figures in support for gun control (as well as a proponent of open borders concerning America’s immigration policy), and in his column this past week took his gun control position to the extreme. Ramos apparently is now calling to repeal the Second Amendment entirely with a “prohibition on fire arms.”

The column has been partially translated by Jorge Bonilla of NewsBusters:

“We have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world”, said President Barack Obama during an interview. “We should come together in a bipartisan basis and every level of government to make these [attacks] rare as opposed to normal”.

But that’s not going to happen. No presidential candidate – none – dares to even propose a prohibition on [private ownership of] firearms. And even the most reasonable ideas – such as barring the sale of firearms to persons on the no-fly list – are rejected in Congress. Conclusion: we have to sit around and wait for the next massacre.

The attack in San Bernardino was an attack by radicalized Islamists who were still able to maintain guns despite California having some of the nation’s strictest gun laws. Many prominent sheriffs and higher-ups have encouraged the American people to carry a gun if they are licensed. But the facts of the case and the mood of the country apparently will not deter the incessant calls for gun control from leftist politicians and media members like Ramos.

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