Jordan Peterson Thanks Elon Musk For Paying $11 Billion In Taxes
Jordan Peterson speaks at ICC Sydney Theatre on February 26, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.
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Bestselling author and speaker Jordan Peterson took to Twitter on Monday to say, “Thank you,” to Elon Musk after the Tesla and SpaceX CEO revealed he will pay more than $11 billion in taxes for 2021.

Musk’s comments followed a recent controversy that began when Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren criticized Musk of “freeloading” on his taxes after he was awarded as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

“Let’s change the rigged tax code so The Person of the Year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off everyone else,” Warren tweeted.

“And if you opened your eyes for 2 seconds, you would realize I will pay more taxes than any American in history this year,” responded Musk.

“Don’t spend it all at once … oh wait you did already,” Musk later mocked.

Warren reportedly responded by spending thousands of dollars on six Facebook ads attacking Musk. The Daily Wire reported on Sunday:

All six ads feature a graphic that included a black and white picture of Musk, calling him in red a “FREELOADING BILLIONAIRE,” claiming that he “AVOIDS TAXES” and that he “MADE OVER $200B IN THE PANDEMIC.”

The ad concludes by stating: “IT’S TIME FOR A WEALTH TAX.”

Musk was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2021 on December 13, the publication announced on Monday.

Musk has also been noted as the richest person in the world.

As The Daily Wire previously reported:

In addition to his business success, Musk has been noted recently regarding his comments concerning political issues. During The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit in December, he made a controversial comment about the power of government.

“It does not make sense to take the job of capital allocation away from people who have demonstrated great skill in capital allocation, and give it to an entity that has demonstrated very poor skill in capital allocation, which is the government,” Musk said.

“Government is simply the biggest corporation, with the monopoly on violence,” he added.

Renowned Canadian psychologist Peterson has increasingly spoken out against big government overreach. In a November interview on “The Rubin Report,” Peterson railed against government encroachment on personal rights in the COVID era, snapping, “Look, I got vaccinated, and people took me to task for that, and I thought, all right, I’ll get the damn vaccine. Here’s the deal, guys. I’ll get the vaccine; you f***ing leave me alone!”

As The Daily Wire reported, Peterson discussed how the West had moved toward becoming a totalitarian state after the COVID-19  pandemic started. He stated:

The thing that surprised me the most, probably, was how rapidly we stampeded to imitate a totalitarian state in the immediate aftermath of the release of COVID. You know, if you think it through a little bit, no one really knew how serious the virus was going to be, and so it was an unknown threat. And so you could imagine a herd of animals or a school of fish, for that matter, because this kind of phenomena is universal throughout the animal kingdom.

The cost of overreacting to a threat is generally minimal compared to underreacting to a real threat. Overreacting to a hypothetical threat is cheap compared to underreacting to an actual threat, because if you underreact you could die, whereas if you overreact you generally just get tired for a minute.

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