Jon Stewart’s Guest Destroys His ‘Anti-White Extremism’ Rant Against ‘Racist Systems’ In America

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and guest Jon Stewart during Monday's June 17, 2019 show.
Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

Jon Stewart’s guest political commentator Andrew Sullivan destroyed the host’s woke “anti-white extremism” rant against “racist systems” in America.

During the latest episode on Apple TV+’s “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” Stewart went out of his way to claim that white supremacy is rampant in America and suggested that there are “racist systems” in place here that prove “America has always prioritized white comfort over black survival.”

“Black people have had to fight so hard for equality that they’ve been irreparably set back in the pursuit of equity,” Stewart added, as he posed in front of a backdrop that changed the show’s name to “The Problem with White People.”

“And any real attempt to repair a ton of that damage, reparation sets off white people’s ‘they’re coming for our sh*t’ alarm which we would know ourselves had we actually been listening,” Stewart continued.

Two other people on the panel — Lisa Bond and Chip Gallagher — agreed wholeheartedly with his assessment. But when they threw it to Sullivan, a third panelist who was on the show via video, the political commentator listed all the reasons he as an immigrant to this country didn’t agree with the claims that America is a “white supremacy.”

“Well I don’t believe that,” Sullivan said. “I think it’s possibly the most absurd hyperbole I’ve ever heard…I can tell you America in 2022 is the most multiracial, multi-cultural, tolerant, diverse melting pot that has ever existed on the planet earth.”

“And there is no other place on Earth even like it,” he added. “That’s why 86% of our immigrants are nonwhite. Do you think that they want to come into a white supremacist country?”

Sullivan explained further that, for “most people,” the term white supremacy means the “KKK, it means no rights for minorities. And this has been used simply to avoid an argument.”

Later, Sullivan reminded Stewart that America also has a “great history. The political commentator said that, by calling “today white supremacy,” Stewart was “minimizing actual white supremacy.”

“You have an incredible diversity,” Sullivan explained. “To condemn all American history as racist. But in fact, has been liberating.”

Stewart continued to insist “the systems” that were “put in place” were “racist.”


Sullivan then asked the host to explain exactly what these “systems” are. The former host of “The Daily Show” said he explained it earlier when talking about housing and the G.I. bill.

Andrew said that’s one thing, and asked for more, and the host appeared to struggle with providing him more. Stewart then said Sullivan wasn’t “living on the same planet they are.”

“I think you are not living on the planet most Americans are, which is why this kind of extremism, this anti-White extremism is losing popular support,” Sullivan replied.” It’s creating a backlash.”

Bond, who earlier in the show labeled herself a racist,  then talked over Sullivan, shutting him down, and accused him of perpetuating “racist, dog-whistle tropes.” To which Stewart made it clear he agreed with the panelist that Andrew was a “racist.”

“You’ve been doing a pretty good job with it yourself there,” the host shared, as the audience laughed.

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