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John Leguizamo Responds To Trump Florida Win: ‘Dead To Me,’ ‘Lemmings Drive Their Golf Carts Into The Ocean’
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 06: John Leguizamo visits "Extra" at The Levi's Store Times Square on November 06, 2019 in New York City.
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After President Trump picked up a much-needed win in the state of Florida on Tuesday, actor John Leguizamo likened the citizens to rats that should “drive their golf carts into the ocean.”

“Florida is dead to me! Let the lemmings drive their golf carts into the ocean!” tweeted the actor.

President Trump won Florida handily on Tuesday – 51.2% to 47.8% – and was largely carried over the line by Cuban Americans and Venezuelans according to the exit polls.

As NBC News reported:

From the time President Donald Trump took office, he focused on the Latino vote in Florida, and according to figures coming out of the state, it paid off on Election Day, especially in Miami-Dade County, the most populous in the state.

Around 55 percent of Florida’s Cuban-American vote went to Trump, according to NBC News exit polls, while 30 percent of Puerto Ricans and 48 percent of “other Latinos” backed Trump. Trump won the coveted battleground state with its 29 electoral votes.

Trump drastically improved his support in Miami-Dade County, going from 333,999 votes in 2016 to at least 529,16 votes this year. Biden, however, wasn’t able to grow Democratic support in the county. Clinton got 624,146 votes there in 2016 and with 95 percent of the vote tallied, Biden had 613,086.

In the election overall, more Latino voters supported President Trump in 2020 than they did in 2016.

“Biden also lost support among Latino voters in Georgia and Ohio, important states to capturing the White House,” reported CNN. “The former vice president was up only about 16 percentage points in Georgia and about 24 points in Ohio, compared to Clinton’s margin of 40 percentage points and 41 points in Georgia and Ohio, respectively.”

However, according to Leguizamo, such Latinos in favor of President Trump are “like roaches for Raid.”

“Latin people for Republicans are like roaches for Raid,” Leguizamo told comedian Bill Maher back in October. “I just feel like there’s a level of self-hate or just lack of care for the rest of your Latin brothers and sisters who are in cages, who are being demonized by this president. I mean, hate crimes against Latin people are way up and how can you not — I mean, 23 people were shot in El Paso for just being Latin, and you don’t care? So you’re gonna vote for this braggadocio president? I just feel like it’s self-hating and selfish.”

Leguizamo went on to credit Republicans for being “clever” with their attacks on Biden by characterizing him as a socialist who will turn the United States into Venezuela.

“They’re spreading this stuff that, you know, Biden is about to steal the Virgin Mary. First of all, he’s a Super Catholic,” said Leguizamo, later adding: “Then in Florida, they’re going after Colombians telling them that, you know, if you vote for Biden, he’s a socialist and he’s gonna turn Columbia into Venezuela because they know we got 400,000 registered Colombians in Florida that could help flip it to Biden. So, they’re really clever, man, insidious, but we’re working, we’re gonna figure them out.”

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