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Joe Scarborough Snubs Soldiers & Cops As ‘Heroes Of The Trump Era’

On the same day MSNBC host Joe Scarborough knew President Trump would likely commit more American troops to Afghanistan, the same day 10 American sailors remain missing after a naval collision in Singapore, two days after six police officers were ambushed, and just hours after the Boston police faced leftwing Antifa terrorists hurling human urine and feces, when prompted by his leftwing pal Mark Halperin to name three heroes of the Trump era, here is Morning Joe’s unbelievable response:

Reporters? Judges? John McCain?

First off, what exactly are all three of these “heroes” sacrificing, other than their own credibility and honor in order to appeal to all the Best Establishment Cliques? Please tell me what America’s reporters are sacrificing other than watching their own children grow up as they cravenly strive to come up with the hottest take or the sickest burn in order to win some love on cable news.

Is there a reporter, a judge, or a John McCain who has not been caught lying, who has not been busted putting their own desire for cocktail party backslaps above their sworn duty, who has not sold their soul to this gang of DC/Manhattan bullies out of cowardice or their own twisted ambitions?

All three of Scarborough’s entries represent nothing more than self-serving cowards doing everything in their power to achieve only one goal — to enjoy the plaudits, awards, rewards, riches, clicks, and fame that now comes so easily if you hate and/or defy Trump.

After his cynical vote to save Obamacare, which broke one of his top campaign promises, McCain deserves special mention. This is an especially cowardly move for a sitting senator who will not be running for re-election, who is no longer accountable to anything other than his own bottomless capacity for spite and his forever- famished ego.

Moreover, by snubbing American service men and women, police officers, firemen, and other first responders who take unbelievable risks on an almost daily basis, and too often sacrifice everything, Scarborough only reveals his own craven motives, his own mercenary reflex to remain in good standing among the Beautiful People.

Heartland Joe’s priorities and values have devolved into suck-uppery, naked sycophancy, and a display of moral illiteracy that all too often manifests itself among our increasingly bubbled and narcissistic elites.

Good grief, only The Worst People In The World could be this in love with themselves.

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