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From Joe the Plumber to HanA**holeSolo – 6 Times the MSM Destroyed Private Citizens

What CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski did to a private citizen Tuesday night is nothing new, not even for the reprehensible Kaczynski. As a means to protect Democrats, most especially Barack Obama, and to intimidate Republicans, on numerous occasions, our elite media has targeted private citizens for destruction. With billions of corporate dollars at their disposal and unencumbered by anything resembling personal or professional ethics, ever in pursuit of their leftwing agenda, these well-financed bullies do not care who they hurt.

Even as the media protects countless anonymous sources, even those anonymous sources who tell lies that eventually result in serial humiliations and retractions, private citizens who support the conservative cause, who criticize Democrats, who mock the media, who dare hold opinions the monolith media does not approve of, or who have the temerity to involve themselves in the democratic process, are now fair game. No one is safe from our corrupt media, except left-wing thugs within Antifa and Black Lives Matter. For obvious but deeply disturbing reasons, the likes of a CNN never seeks to expose those they wish to further encourage.

Let’s start with the fact that the recent targeting or outing or exposing of a private citizen is both morally unethical and a major violation of long-held journalistic norms. In its blistering criticism of CNN Wednesday, of all places, perfectly explained why:

In journalism, there is a clear line between public and private figures. Public figures are held to a higher standard — since they represent not just themselves but their offices, their industries, and so on. But private figures are given a veil of privacy, since it’s not really in the public interest to get some random person’s private information.

As a longtime watcher of the media, I mark the beginning of these media jihads against private conservative citizens on October 18, 2008. If you recall… It was the heat of the presidential election, the media was desperate to see Obama destroy McCain/Palin, and then the Precious stepped in it when he went off-teleprompter…

1) Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio was minding his own business, out on the front lawn with his kids, when then-candidate Obama, out on an unscripted walking tour, approached with a gaggle of television cameras. Given the opportunity to ask his potential president a question, Joe asked about Obama’s tax policy, to which President Teleprompter responded with, “When you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”


Joe did absolutey nothing wrong. His question was both reasonable and respectful. It was Obama who blew it, blew it bigtime with the revelation of his radical, socialist beliefs. But it was Wurlzbacher who the media would make pay.

In one of his rare moments on offense, the hapless McCain campaign seized on the moment. Wurlbacher became Joe the Plumber, Obama’s revealing gaffe went viral and became a real threat to The Precious. So what did Jonathan Martin of Politico (he’s now at the New York Times) do?

As a means to change the subject from Barry’s gaffe, hitman Martin published a personal attack against private citizen Wurzelbacher, someone who wasn’t even looking to ask Obama a question, who was approached by Obama. Joe’s only sin was a small $1,182 tax lien. But Martin found it, held Joe’s personal problems up to the world, pulled off his wings, and helped Obama change the subject.

Before the ’08 campaign was over, thanks to our fake news media, we knew more about Joe the Plumber than either of Obama’s longtime associates: racist preacher Jeremiah Wright and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Seeing how this tactic worked, ever after, the media would return to it again and again.

2) Politico’s Maggie Habermann (remember her?) who is now with the leftwing New York Times (I’m sensing a pattern) published humiliating information on a private citizen who dared appear in a Mitt Romney campaign ad (in order to avoid further humiliating these people, I am not linking the original pieces or publishing the names).

According to public records, a XXXXXXXXX with his birthdate was found guilty of “assault on peace officers and others” on Feb. 28, 2005. He was sentenced to 120 days in jail, with 110 of those days suspended. He was given 730 days of probation and paid $845 in fines, records show. Iowa Department of Corrections records show he was on probation for “a serious misdemeanor” until April 3, 2006.

The records show XXXX had nearly 20 busts, tickets or fines, a number of them traffic infractions related to things like driving while intoxicated, or with a suspended license. Some were related to accidents, others to driving without seat belts.

To protect her precious Barry (keep in mind that WikiLeaks exposed Haberman as a Democrat operative), Haberman made clear to anyone — ANYONE! — who would dare help Romney, even a nobody private citizen, that they will be vetted and exposed. Haberman’s goal here is painfully obvious: to intimidate everyday Americans from participating in any way with the Romney campaign.

3) In 2012, Politico’s Abby Phillip vetted Romney donors in ways that would have killed Obama’s ’08 presidential chances and came up with a large donor who was once “wanted for criminal mischief.”

XXXXXX faced a third degree felony charge after the incident took place near his Fort Worth Texas home nearly seven years ago, according to a report in the Star-Telegram.

[A photographer] … had been taking pictures of XXXXXX’s wife and two children from property that Irvin said belonged to the nearby River Crest Country Club. But XXXXXXX accused Irvin of trespassing on his $10 million dollar property which is near the club, and threatened to call the police.

As the dispute escalated, XXXXXX jumped into [the photographer’s] rented Kia SUV, put it in gear and jumped out before it drove into a pond, as his family looked on.

Again, the media’s goal here is obvious — to intimidate potential Romney donors, especially wealthy donors, into not donating for fear of having their dirty laundry headlined everywhere.

4) Easily the sickest and most grotesque thing I have ever seen occur online was the total and complete destruction of a young woman’s life, reputation and career — all of which occurred while she was unaware and unable to defend herself during an overseas flight. It was Kaczynski who launched this hate-jihad, who used his Christmas holiday to dispatch his flying monkeys.

Over a tasteless joke, a private citizen with fewer than 300 Twitter followers, exited a plane and walked into Infamy. She lost her job, her entire career, her privacy… and she was guilty of nothing more than being the ant who happened to run under Kaczynski’s magnifying glass.

This was the beginning of our media assuming the role of the Thought Police. As CNN’s Chris Cuomo made frighteningly clear yesterday, the elite media now believes it is their job to expose and destroy private citizens, no matter how obscure, for Thought Crimes.

Here there be monsters.

5) If you want to argue that a GOP Hill staffer is not entitled to privacy, fine. What you cannot defend is the intentional overkill, a full-blown jihad, primarily from The Washington Post and CNN, to annihilate the life and career of an obscure GOP staffer over a nothingburger Facebook post that criticized Obama’s daughters over their behavior at a public White House event.

“Rise to the occasion,” this young woman wrote. “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar. And certainly don’t make faces during televised, public events.”

When you compare those innocuous words to the bile and hate spewed at President Trump’s children, much of it without a tenth the media consequence or outrage (this staffer lost her job), the comparison is striking.

For context, a search of this woman’s name at The Washington Post results in 26(!) hits. A Post search of Katie Rich, the Saturday Night Live writer who joked about 10-year-old Baron Trump growing into a serial killer, results in only 2 hits. According to my good faith search, the leftwing Post did not even bother to cover the story until after Rich apologized.

6) While CNN has not yet outed HanAssholeSolo, according to CNN’s own reporting, CNN is watching and policing his online behavior, and should he commit a ThoughtCrime, the billion-dollar, mega-corporation will destroy his life.

Dear God, CNN might even have the wrong the guy.

This is an obvious warning to all of us. CNN is now assuming the role of the Morality Police and will use all of its mighty resources to destroy anyone who earns disfavor.

I’m sure there are other examples out there. But you get the idea…

The media is pure evil, y’all, and none of us are safe.

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