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Jimmy Kimmel Works Mike Pence Gay Joke Into Obama/Trump Portrait Sketch

By  James Barrett

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has made quite clear which side of the aisle he is on, but just in case anyone has somehow missed it, on Monday he once again went out of his way to make clear who occupies a special place for mockery on his show: Trump and conservatives.

In a sketch that at least had some potential to be a bipartisan crowd-pleaser, Kimmel couldn’t help himself and turned what started off as some very light ribbing of Obama over his newly unveiled, heavily floral presidential portrait into yet another chance to take some jabs at Trump and paint Christians, as represented by Vice President Mike Pence, as homophobic. That said, the sketch is at least kind of funny overall.

Kimmel starts off by participating in the Obama portrait meme craze that took over the internet by providing his own faux reveal of the Obama portrait, which is basically Kimmel’s version of the George W. Bush “Miss me yet?” meme. Kimmel also points out that the floral design behind Obama looks a lot like a famous mugshot of a famously disheveled actor (Nick Nolte). That gets some laughs.

Then Kimmel’s Trump alarm goes off, so he transitions to his big reveal of his hypothetical Trump portrait, which earns some big laughs. It’s, of course, Trump ripped out of his mind and in whitey tighties that are barely able to handle his manhood.

That’s when Kimmel works in his Pence gay joke: “Poor Mike Pence had to check himself right into conversion therapy,” he says.


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