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Jimmy Kimmel Trolled On Sunset Boulevard

Jimmy Kimmel’s increasingly partisan political rants and sketches have driven a wedge between the late-show host and conservatives, whom he recently suggested lack “a measure of intelligence.” But he’s not the only one who can mock his political enemies. On Tuesday, Kimmel found himself the butt of a joke, again, by the famous liberal-trolling conservative street artist Sabo.

Sabo, who recently smacked “Gropey Al” Franken with one of his politically charged installations and tagged Kimmel as the “cry baby” host of “estrogen hour,” took another public jab at Kimmel over his accident on Sunset Boulevard a few weeks ago.

According to TMZ, the comedian made an illegal left turn in his BMW SUV in front of West Hollywood’s iconic Chateau Marmont Hotel, causing another car to hit his. In a video of the accident posted by TMZ, an onlooker notes that the sign clearly says “Right Turn Only.”

Sabo’s installation tweaked Kimmel for apparently believing that traffic signs don’t apply to comedians, no matter how “intelligent” they think they are.

Underneath the “Right Turn Only” sign where Kimmel reportedly caused the wreck, Sabo added clarifying instructions: “This Includes Idiot Comedians.”

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As Sabo explained to The Hollywood Reporter, part of the reason he targeted Kimmel is his recent statement slamming conservatives. “Pretty much every late-night talk show (host) is a liberal,” Kimmel said on Pod Save America last week. “And that’s because it requires a measure of intelligence.”

“Obviously, his intellect wasn’t so sharp as to keep him from nearly killing someone,” said Sabo.

“I’ve never followed Jimmy Kimmel, ever,” Sabo told The Daily Wire in an email exchange Wednesday. “I thought his days of bikini tramps on trampolines was too base to waste time on. I always thought there was something strange about guys pretending to be men. I have to think that when you make the kind of Hollywood money Kimmel makes you have to lose touch with the common man.”

Especially in light of his increasing focus on partisan politics, Sabo suggested, Kimmel needs somebody to check him.

“What Jimmy needs is a person in his life to tell him to shut the hell up. I don’t think he has that. Having to listen to a court jester rattle on about politics is more than any of us should take,” he said, adding, “I hear he was funnier when he was fat.”

THR notes that back in October Sabo created some fake ads for bus-stop benches around the city mocking “cry baby” Kimmel and his “Estrogen Hour,” a reference to Kimmel crying while pushing for the Democratic agenda on health care. Kimmel swiped back by taking a photo of himself sitting on one of the benches and giving Sabo the middle finger.

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