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Jimmy Kimmel Hit With Flood Of Unfortunate Flashbacks Online During Oscars

In what the early numbers indicate might be one of the least watched Oscars in recent years — down nearly 16% from last year — host Jimmy Kimmel hit the politics early and often, slamming Fox News, declaring “Time’s Up,” urging winners to push gun control, mocking Mike Pence for his conservative Christian views, and suggesting that Donald Trump wants to see black people enslaved. In other words, he did exactly what everyone thought he’d do.

As the ratings show, many would-be viewers tuned the Kimmel-hosted awards show out before it even began, but for those who did tune in, many, particularly on the Right, weren’t impressed by Kimmel’s “virtue-signaling” performance and #MeToo hypocrisy. To drive home the hypocrisy angle, several critics provided some uncomfortable flashbacks to Kimmel’s past performances, including this particularly notorious one, which made the rounds back in October:

More gems from #Kimmel.
Here he has women feel his crotch to guess what he stuffed in his pants.
KIMMEL: “You should put your mouth on it”

— Austen Fletcher (@fleccas) October 11, 2017

Along with the flood of unfortunate flashbacks, others jabbed Kimmel for increasingly using his role as a late-night host to push divisive partisan politics. Below are some examples of responses to Kimmel’s performance, including various “Man Show” flashbacks, some standard Twitter trolling, and a few comments by some well-known names:​

And the result, as noted by Fox News: Kimmel’s “‘divisive,’ politically charged Oscars could be least watched in history”:

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